ways to send money from UK to Nigeria
ways to send money from UK to Nigeria
ways to send money from the UK to Nigeria

Are you thinking of ways to send money to Nigeria from the Uk? Here is a list of ways to send money easily from the UK to Nigeria.

1. TransferWise

TransferWise is currently the biggest money transfer company in the UK to send money to Nigeria with £4.5bn in money turnover. It is a well tested and authenticated platform to send money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

transfers pride themselves on a transparent fee structure and excellent exchange rates. The online system is one of the easiest to use. Many users’ reviews show that TransferWise offers a satisfactory service.

2. RationalFx

RationalFx is an independent foreign exchange service provider that is based in the Uk. It has branches in Spain, France, Poland. It is one of the tested, trusted and secured platform to send money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

RationalFx offers a series of dedicated foreign exchange dealers who use their expertise to help clients find the best options to suit their needs.

RationalFX is best known for its faster transfers to your intended destination. They offer low fee transactions and competitive exchange rates.

Their service is best known for sending money to foreign countries, paying international tuition fees, paying for mortgages in foreign countries and many other things.

3. Western Union

Western Union is perhaps one of the most widely used platforms to send money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. The service allows people to send and receive money effortlessly to Nigeria from over 200 countries and territories around the world.

One can send money to Nigeria through Western Union websites, Mobile apps to bank accounts, agent locations and mobile wallets.

The platform enables millions of people to send money to their loved ones, family, relatives for savings, education, starting a business, and basic living expenses.

The sent is made available within minutes after being sent. One can pay for money transfer to Nigeria through cash, a debit, credit card or one’s account number.

4. UKForex

UKForex is another sure way to send money from Nigeria to the UK in the easiest way. Now known as OFX provides currency exchange services and international payment options for both individual and business clients.

Established in 1998, OFX has been dedicated to providing technology-based result-oriented solutions for its money transfer and international payment clients. OFX offers competitive exchange rates, Fee-free transfer, 3 ways to make a transfer.

OFX money transfer is straightforward to use. All you need to do when transferring money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria is to create a login that consists of an email address and password, follow the steps to build an account.

The principle is the same as Paypal anyone who has ever used Paypal will be familiar with using OFX

5. WorldFirst

WorldFirst is an innovative global payment platform that helps with the easy movement of money around the world in a faster and easier way.
WorldFirst ensures to help their clients reach maximum satisfaction when you transact with them.

WorldFirst is a UK based business that provides different money transfer services to individuals and businesses alike. It has a combination of user-friendly factors which include: an easy to the sign-up online process, excellent rates, and outstanding customer service.

It is indeed one of the best platforms to transfer money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

WorldFirst is 85% cheaper than its competition in terms of charges.

6. Smart Currency Exchange

Smart Currency Exchange is one of the sure and legit ways to send money from the UK to Nigeria. The platform is a UK based financial company specializing in helping clients make efficient, cost-effective, and safe international money transfer and payments.
Smart Currency Exchange is an authority with the movement of large sums. A highly secured platform that helps reduce the risk associated with currency movements.

It is a perfect choice for moving money from the UK to loved ones or business associates in Nigeria.

7. Payoneer

Apart from the fact that Payoneer is a guaranteed platform to send money from the UK to Nigeria, one can also receive funds from the US, and other European countries in the world through its global service.

Payoneer is a quick and easy solution to receive and send payments worldwide. The platform uses an ATM that has the Mastercard logo, which the receiver can withdraw the funds at any Atm machine worldwide that accepts Mastercard.

8. Azimo international money transfer

Azimo makes money transfer from the UK to Nigeria a very easy task. Though new in the game, it is one of the most trusted ways to send money from abroad. The platform offers transfer to over 190 countries in the world.

Azimo’s exchange rates change with the adjustment on global foreign exchange markets. Many users have attested to the fact that the charges are quite favourable and friendly.

You do not need to sign up for an Azimo account before you send money abroad, all you need to do is to select your transfer destination of choice on the Azimo homepage to see the exchange rate and fees that apply to your transfer destination.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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