Twitter is very efficient and reliable when it as to do with sharing online contents. It is arguably the most dependable social media platform to drive traffic to your website. In addition to this, you can determine the reach as well as the impressions your tweets garners within seconds. Hence, many internet savvy persons and businesses actively employ twitter to advance various courses. That is why it is ever more important to share content when your posts will have more engagement. How do you determine the best time to do this? It is by understanding how your followers use twitter and finding the time of the day your followers are most active., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares four tools that can largely help you determine the most appropriate time to tweet.


Tweriod is one of the most reliable tools that can help you decide what time of the day to send your daily tweets. This application is very good as it breaks down all your tweet activities for you to comprehend. The key information that Tweriod provide is the time majority of your followers are online daily, weekday and weekend. This is relevant to determine the best time to tweet. The application offers free or premium services. Small businesses and blogs can use the free option.



This is a twitter tool that is highly recommended for every twitter users. You can either use the paid or free tool for timing your tweets. Once you have logged into your SocialBro account, click on analytics and go to best time to tweet. This may take a bit of time depending on how active your account is. Afterwards, it will provide you with the best time for you to tweet. Straightforward and easy.



MediaBistro can help users determine when to share their posts not only on twitter but also on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, and Pinterest etc. It tells you the best and worst times to tweet.



This tool assists twitter users and businesses to maximise their tweet activities. The application helps you with analysing your followers, providing data on their location, when they tweet and also gives you a list of twitterinfluencers you can follow. It has five interesting features including twitter bios, compare users, analyse followers, track followers and sort your followers. You can use any of these features to enhance your twitter presence, strategy and achieve more relevant engagements and reach.

NB: This tool may not be effective if you are new to twitter and do not have a substantial number of followers. As an alternative, you can analyse a handle that has more followers. Only ensure that you are in the same time zone.