Nigerians will view a YouTube channel launch as opening Pandora’s Box. In addition, the limitations set before monetization can cause high blood pressure. A select few Nigerians, however, have succeeded and established themselves on Youtube. This article will discuss 12 of the most popular Nigerian Youtube channels and what makes them so successful.

Using Social Blade, the most trusted source for Youtube channel analytics, we compiled our Top 12. As a result, our list includes creator names, niches that make them popular, most-watched videos, and other crucial information.

Furthermore, view counts and subscribers aren’t listed in any order. Each channel is ranked based on the popularity of its video content.

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1. My Nigerian Folktales – Film Channel

It’s storytime. Who doesn’t like a good story? My Nigerian Folktales (88.5K Subscribers) is a film channel that narrates folktales through short animated videos. Busola Olorunfemi founded the channel in March 2019, and she also serves as the narrator.

INENE, her most popular video, has received an astounding 1.2 million views since she shared the story two years ago.

Honestly, Busola’s passion for cartoons and folktales has shown in her videos. And, since there’s no shortage of folktales in Nigeria, it will be interesting to see the new inspiring stories Busola shares with us.

2. Family The Honest Comedy – Comedy Channel

Family, The Honest Comedy (subscribers: 4.39 million) is a funny and entertaining video content maker channel set up by Princess Uchechukwu Okeke, who also serves as its executive producer, business manager, scriptwriter, content creator, and director.

They produce original, hilarious, engaging short films, stop-motion videos, challenges, practical jokes, music videos, dance videos, and other entertainment content.

Also, about 105.2 million people have seen the family’s most popular video, SNAKE IN THE BATHROOM PRANK versus funny TikTok 2021 India Comedy, in just one year as of this writing.

The family’s motto is “WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU! We enjoy making you laugh”. With a motto that supports Google’s mission, it’s no wonder they’ve come this far.

3. Rema – Music Channel

Rema (subscribers: 2.44 million) is a recently established music channel set up in March 2019. The artist Rema released his self-titled debut EP, and the global singles Dumebi, Corny, and Iron Man featured on Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist.

Despite his youth, Rema is one of the most stimulating artists in global music due to his exceptional genre-bending and unique singing style.

Likewise, 263.4 million people viewed Rema’s hit song “Calm Down,” released nine months before writing this article. The song is ranked 26th in the World’s best music.

Subsequently, Rema’s music maintains its dominance on streaming charts with the publication of his debut album, Rave and Roses, in 2022. The singer’s push for global success is stronger than ever.

4. Mark Angel Comedy – Pure Comedy Channel

Next on our list of the top 12 Nigerian Youtube channels is Mark Angel Comedy (subscribers: 8.61 million). It is the home of pure comedy videos with over two billion views.

Mark Angel is a Nigerian scriptwriter, comedian, and video producer who founded Mark Angel Comedy. In addition to being a co-producer, Emmanuella Samuel is a comedian on this channel.

Subsequently, MATHS TEACHER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 118) is the channel’s most-viewed video, with over 32 million views.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or want to see all the hype, Mark Angel Comedy is a great channel to check out!

5. Buzzit Up – Entertainment News Channel

One of the great things about Buzzit Up (104K subscribers) is that the hosts are worldwide, so the topics discussed on the channel have an international flavour.

Buzzit Up covers it uniquely and entertainingly, from Nigerian pop culture to international news. It’s no wonder the channel has become so popular over 12 months.

Additionally, it’s one of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels in Nigeria.

Also, the most viewed video on this channel is “remember when Halsey’s boyfriend cheated on her?” with 31 million views.

Channels like this have become a must-watch in an era of figuring out the World.

6. Real Aba Boys – Frustration Comedy Channel

Real Aba Boys (179K subscribers) is an entertainment channel brimming with comedy skits, hilarious pranks, and other funny content. The creators’ mission is always to make people laugh because they believe a single laugh can heal millions of wounds and bring more happiness and joy into the World.

‘Mr Dangerous and Problems, Prank Gone Terribly Wrong, Try Not To Laugh’ has the most views on this entertainment channel with 29.9 million views.

Amazingly, Aba Boys only started a year ago, proving that they have the potential to touch the hearts of many people all around the World with their fantastic content.

7. Dineo’s World – Diverse Awareness Channel

Dineo’s World (35.4K subscribers) is an interesting channel with a lot of cooking and making great foods with limited resources. Also included are shopping hauls to find deals and good taste, travel, craziness, good times, sports, and music.

Surprisingly, the channel is run by Dineo Olushile, a South African currently living in Nigeria.

In addition, Dineo’s video — “They are Stars” has touched the hearts of many across the World with over 30 million views.

Dineo Olushile only started a year ago, but she has the potential to grow and become one of the elites on Youtube.

8. Officialkoloboy1 – Violence Comedy Channel

Officialkoloboy1 (subscribers: 470K) is an entertainment channel created by Precious Chukwuebuka. He is a video creator who pranks unsuspecting civilians with a pretentious display of violence.

Shockingly, 49.6 million people viewed— MR DANGEROUS AND TROUBLES ALL THE TIME, which Precious published two months before the time of writing.

However, the methods Precious uses may seem extreme. However, his audience keeps enjoying the reactions of the unsuspecting civilians who think their village people have come.

9. Kizz Daniel – Music Channel

Kizz Daniel (1.85 million subscribers) is a music channel created in February 2019. Kizz Daniel is a singer and composer named Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe. Daniel is most known for his famous songs Mama, Woju, Laye, Yeba, and One Ticket.

His most successful video, “Ada,” premiered two years ago and has now been seen by 5.2 million people.

Furthermore, the music channel’s main content consists of videos, vlogs, and live performances. Besides that, Kizz Daniel features interviews with other artists and behind-the-scenes content from his tours.

It’s the perfect place for fans to keep up with the latest news about Kizz Daniel and his music career.

10. MGgrace Fashion Today – Beauty & Fashion Channel

MGgrace Fashion Today (198K subscribers) is a channel that focuses on fashion and beauty trends with a touch of celebrity gossip. This fashion channel was set up by an experienced YouTuber, Mary Grace, on May 6th, 2022.

She aims to inspire and entertain viewers with the latest trends in outstanding dresses and the captivating beauty of women today.

Interestingly, her video Queen Mother has over 16.6 million views in just three months before the time of writing.

Also, Mary Grace is an experienced YouTuber striving to inspire and entertain a lot of kindred designers. It will be fascinating to see her grow in the coming years.

11. CKay – Music Channel

CKay (3.56 million subscribers) is a music channel created by Ckay and his crew. Ckay’s real name is Chukwuka Ekweani, and he’s a rising star who’s a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Chukwuka got his big break when he released Love Nwantiti back in 2019. His song claimed global recognition and made the top list in several top-tier countries like Italy, the UK, South Africa, etc.

In addition, a record-breaking 337 million people have viewed CKay’s top hit song Love Nwantiti Remix ft. Joeboy & Kuami Eugene.

With achievements such as the “most Shazam-ed song in the world,” CKay has maintained a global presence. Emiliana, his most recent globally renowned track, has followed suit and built up global chart places, with just under 100 million streams.

12. The Drawing Revolution – Art Channel

We finish this captivating list of 12 of the most popular Nigerian Youtube Channels with The Drawing Revolution (324K subscribers). The channel’s owner, Samuel, is passionate about drawing and gives free tutorials on how to draw God-like anime characters.

Samuel’s video: How to draw Goku eyes in 10 seconds, 10 mins, 10 hrs, has over 27 million views in just two months of publication.

It will be interesting to see what path opens up for Samuel as he keeps creating beautiful drawings. It is important to know Samuel’s craft is one which requires great attention to detail

To Conclude

Although many creators in Nigeria may feel that Youtube is a difficult platform to break into, the truth is that it’s a fantastic way to reach a large audience and build an audience of passionate fans.

Anyone can make their mark on the platform with little effort and dedication. The twelve channels featured here are a testament to the potential of the Nigerian Youtube community, and we hope their success inspires other aspiring content creators.

Youtube provides us with an incredible opportunity to express ourselves and share our unique perspectives with the World, and we should all strive to make the most of it.