How To Gift An Application Via BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World allows users to pay the full price of an application and gives them the ability to gift it to another user, however, the process is different when compared to the Apple App Store’s gifting feature. App World’s gifting feature is designed to gift an app only when someone requests it, unlike Apple’s App Store, where the user can gift an application to anyone who has an Apple ID.

Note: BBM is required to use the App World’s gifting feature.

How To Gift An Application Via BlackBerry App World

Step 1 :

Open BlackBerry App World. Find the application and select it. On the right-hand side of the application’s price, there is a gift button. Click the gift button. Then select the ‘request gift’ option from the pop-up menu.

( The image above shows the pop-up menu of the request gift feature )

Step 2 (skip if BlackBerry App World is already connected to BBM) :

If App World is not already connected to BBM, a pop-up message will be displayed. Select ‘yes’. Find ‘connect to BBM’ and look for the button that says, “disconnected”. Change ‘disconnected’ to ‘connected’ by clicking on the box. Set the reminding options.
After finishing, press the back button and a pop-up will be displayed. Select save.

Step 3 :

After selecting the ‘request gift’ option from the pop-up menu, a list of BBM contacts will be displayed. Choose the person that the gift request will be sent to. Edit the message that will be sent to the buyer (optional) and hit the ‘send gift request’ button. A message should be displayed saying that the gift request has been sent.

Step 4 :

The buyer will receive a notification about the gift request. If they accept and purchase the application as a gift from the request, the app will be available for download under the requester’s BlackBerry ID.

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