Is your hair growing like weed?

This article is not going to revolve around a bunch of advice, tutorials, or do’s and do not’s. This article is just a fun list of things that you may observe once your natural black hair is growing longer, and becoming more healthy and strong.

If your hair has not reached the desired length, do not worry. Make a note of some of these observations, and later you will find that you are agreeing with most, if not all of these things.

So, here goes. You know your hair is growing like a weed when…

  1.  You have women from other ethnicities asking you for your hair regimen.
  2. Older women stop and reminisce with you about how long their hair was when they were your age.
  3. You can actually sit or lay on the length of your hair.
  4. You have to purchase gallon sizes of all your products because your bottles are empty after three washes.
  5. You have to buy more weave because if you do not, your natural hair will be left out.
  6. There is no need to add hair extensions to your braids because your hair is long enough without them.
  7. Your hair begins to get caught in everything, including car doors, seatbelts and refrigerators.
  8. Your hairstylist can only use the biggest rollers in the salon to do your roller sets.
  9. More food ends up in your hair than in your mouth.

10. Your hair ends up in your mouth or stuck on your lip gloss.

11. People come up to you and ask you what type of weave hair you are wearing.

12. You are no longer impressed by those people who you once envied with long hair.

13. After you wash your hair, you have problems finding a towel big enough to dry it with.

14. You begin to hate doing your own roller sets because your arms get tired too quickly from reaching that far up.

15. The hair that you shed is much longer than your child’s ruler they use at school.

16. You can see the ends of your hair clearly and no longer need to use a mirror.

17. Your hair becomes boring to you and you consider cutting it so you can have bangs or layers.

18. Your ponytails hang down your back. They no longer stick straight out.

19. You finally understand why women of other ethnicities put their hair behind both of their ears.

20. When you are getting dressed you have to move your hair out of the way.

21. You barely recognize yourself when your hair is in its kinky/curly state.

22. You are absolutely amazed at the difference of your hair when it is curly versus when it is straight. You know understand the concept of shrinkage

23. Your family and friends check your hair to see if you are wearing a weave.

There are plenty of other things you may notice as you stay consistent on your hair journey. The best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy the attention because you worked hard to achieve your goal.