Egun Oba has the hands of Olu Amusan all over it, he wrote, starred in, directed and sang most of the songs in Egun Oba. For those who are hearing of Olu Amusan for the first time, he is an extremely talented artist, not just in the movie industry but a successful recording Ewi Artist. He is very popular in his adopted home of Ilorin in Kwara State where he goes by the name Torotoro Ayanfe.

Egun Oba was producer by Sunday Omojesu. Screenplay was by the ubiquitous Olu Amusan and Niyi Omodara. Apart from Olu Amusan, other actors and actresses in Egun Oba includes:

Gbenga Olasheinde, he played Ajibade
Segun Olorunfemi, he played Oyewole
Toyin Olubisi, she played Iyawo Oyewole
Olu Amusan, he played Afobaje
Ojenike Odusina, she played Iyalode

Ojenike Odusina

Ojenike Odusina as Iyalode in Egun Oba

Other actors includes:
Ayo Ogunyeye
Ishaq Olubisi
Ganiyu Adegboyega
Sunday Omojesu

The storyline of the movie was quite interesting. In a small Yoruba town, there was need for a new king. The oracle was consulted to choose a new king, the person who was chosen (Ajibade) to be the new king was reluctant to become a King, he feared it will hamper his successful international business.
The next in line to the throne if Ajibade refuses to be king (Oyewole) was a much more willing, he even offered the kingmaker a bribe so that the Oracle’s choice can be switch to favour him.

As with most movies, you can almost predict the twist and turns the film will take, what you probably could not have predict is the fact that Oyewole’s wife wanted to be queen even much more badly than her husband wanted to be king, to the extent that she hired a killer to kill Ajibade so that her husband will be the king.

Oyewole’s wife was beautifully played by the actress Toyin Olubisi . One of my favourite moment of the movie was when Toyin Olubisi’s character was speaking to her family in Ijesha accent, Toyin Olubisi must be an Ijesha woman for her Ijesha dialect was flawless.

The other remarkable actress in the film was the Iyalode, played brilliantly by Ojenike Odusina. Though her role was not a significant one, her on screen presence is fantastic.

The film’s storyline did fall apart towards the end, Oyewole accepted that Ajibade should be king if the curse placed on his family is lifted. His wife who wanted to be queen at all cost was very disappointed and their relationship disintegrates. Oyewole’ wife was later arrested for hiring the services of a killer to assassinate Ajibade.

If the film is to be awarded stars out of 5, I will award it 3 stars.