Haba Naija - Powered by WordPress
Haba Naija – Powered by WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful open source publishing platform. It is probably the most popular open source publishing platform in the world. Millions of websites are powered by WordPress, including Haba Naija.
In this article, we hope to share some of the tips and tricks that has worked very well for us, we hope some of them will help you run an efficient WordPress powered website. Here are some of the plugins you will find extremely useful companion to your WordPress powered site.

  1. Akismet. One of the down sides of the popularity of WordPress is the amount of spam and automated comments you articles will get. To save you the time you will put into deleting spam manually, just install and configure Akismet. You don’t need to download it, it comes as part of the WordPress package, you just need to configure it.
  2. WP Super Cache. If you want to increase the speed of your posts and pages then you should install this plugin. It works by creating a static HTML version of page or post and update it at an interval you choose. The result will be invisible to you, but site speed load is one of the important SEO ranking factors, it could help you site rank better in search engines and give your readers a much faster user experience.
  3. SEO Ultimate. If you use the built-in permalink in the settings section of WordPress you really should not need additional SEO plugin but some people prefer to get the optimisation done by a plugin. If you are one of those who prefer and SEO plugin then you may want to install SEO Ultimate.
    It gives you full control on titles, meta tags, canonical urls, 404 errors and even rich snippets etc. The plugin is very easy in use and you don’t need to edit your template code.
  4. Track That Stat. If you are not using Google analytics for your site then you should try this plugin. It allows you to view visitors, referrals, individual page status, who is logged in and much more in real time and for the past 60 days. You can set up the statistics for today, yesterday, last 7,14,30 and 60 days.
  5. BWS Captcha. Another good plugin that can help you in the fight spam. It allows you to enable simple math questions instead of string of text. You can also set up it for comments, it helps stop bots for making spam comment on you contents.
  6. Wp-PageNavi. Very simple plugin that allows you to change your site navigation from the default WordPress site navigation structure. You can choose the bottom-left, bottom-right and the middle of the page.
  7. WP->Twitter. This plugin helps you share you content with your Twitter followers. You just need to connect the plugin with your Twitter account and set it so that each new post you add to your blog is posted to your Twitter account as well.