Why does  Naija Online Business  Fail?
Why does Nigerian Online Businesses Fail

The numbers of Nigerians in online business are quite growing but one worrying fact is that as soon as they get in, they get stuck because their businesses are not growing as expected. Why? There are many reasons your internet business is not working the way it should.
Why has no Nigerian site achieved global recognition like Facebook that started few years ago and today has such remarkable global brand visibility? You do not need sophisticated technical entourage or funding to achieve global online presence and brand visibility.

There are vast online opportunities for Nigerians. Nigeria has nearly 50 million online users coupled with international customers. What a limitless opportunity? With exception of few Naija sites like Jobberman, Nairaland and forums.habanaija.com, why are Nigerians failing in online business? Below are some of the reasons and how you can change your attitude to boost your business.

Social factor and niche idea
Why do you want to go into a niche that is already saturated? Several Nigerians want to go into echoing niches like entertainments and corporate employments when you do not know the basics.

If you want to make it online, you need to choose your niche carefully and must be ready to work hard because no cross, no crown. Also, you must be ready to commit yourself to learning. Improve your knowledge and you will grow with delivery of quality services.

No or little business strategy
Not many Nigerians who go into online business have plans. They simply jump into it to solve the immediate financial problem. Good! But, before you go into any business you must sit down to analyze whether your business is short or long term. This will help you understand the steps you need to take.

Even after some have started, they hardly monitor their business. If you start from the beginning to monitor your business, you will marvel at the creativity that will flow into building it.

Little knowledge; too dangerous
Yes, you read right. Little knowledge is too dangerous. You can’t wake up and claim to be what you are not. One big problem of many Nigerians who do online business is that they claim to be experts in fields they know nothing about.

It’s misleading to claim you earn $2500 in a deal when you did not even know the secret or when you could barely earn $500. You are undermining your chances of growth. Only claim expert in a niche you are a professional. Once a client hires you or buys your services and realize that you not what you claim, he will never come back again.

Starting with unrealistic goals
If you go into what you cannot achieve, you will fail. I know nothing is impossible, but you must started with short term goal before long term goal can be achievable. For instance, if you desire a professional site, great design and unique contents are prerequisite. After that, you will need time to monitor growth of your business. There is no magic path to success. Bit by bit, you will get there.

Slothful attitude to business
No business thrives in atmosphere of laziness. When it comes to online business, you must be alive to your choice. To succeed in online business, you need to commit much time and resources.

I mean, you must be ready to be creative. This is where quality contents come in. If you try copy and paste in your site, you will fail. To excel, you must bring your uniqueness into play.

Lack of investment and money-money thing
How can you make it online when everything you want is free and free thing at all time. The real secrets to online success are not given free except for early birds when experts seek review. If all you care for is free thing, you will not grow and your competitor will overrun you.

Solid business thrives with good investments. You must be ready to pay to improve quality of your services and knowledge. If you want to build online reputation, you must avoid free host or even shared host.

One of the reasons Nigerian are blacklisted online is because of their dubious thought on money making. If your intent for online business is money, then you will soon be out of business. Yes, I know money is the reason for any business, but if you set all your mind and eyes on it, your clients will soon know and it’s often repulsive.

How can you overcome this, look for services you can render focus on it and soon your services will bring in much more money than you had planned. If you focus on money, you will not render quality service.

Leave hot trends
Why will you go into a niche because someone else is making it there? Just because owners of Habanaija and Nairaland are succeeding online with the forums, everybody wants to have a forum. Or you heard someone is has become a super blogger in entertainment, you want to blog in entertainment too. Guys, if you want to succeed online, chose a niche you have interest in and establish your reputation.
It is one thing knowing the secret and another thing applying the secret. The earlier you study and find out why you are not progressing as you should, the earlier your business starts growing.
Good Luck.

Article written for Haba Naija by Michael

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