Unfortunately as Covid-19 pandemic claim people’s lives, it is claiming livelihood and businesses.  Here are some businesses that wend under because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Though some of them have had issues in the past, but the lockdown and other hostile economic environment brought about by the pandemic helped to push most of the business under.

List of businesses that went out of business because of Coronaviru or Covid-19

  1. FlyBe
  2. Flybe advising its customers after its demise
    Flybe advising its customers after its demise

    Flybe was a British airline based in Exeter, England. Until its sale to Connect Airways in 2019, it was the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Flybe provided more than half of UK domestic flights outside London.

  3. BrightHouse – the biggest rent-to-own operator in the UK.
    Brighthouse has collapsed. As at the time of posting this, customers were advised to continue to make the monthly payments required to keep their household goods by the administrator salvaging part of the business. Though the business was strugling due to giving goods to people who are struggling to repay. Its shops were shut owing to coronavirus restrictions on retailers, which was the last straw that broke this camme’s back.

  4. Carluccio’s

    Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s has gone into administration, blaming “challenging trading conditions” exacerbated by the coronavirus. The restaurant is not completely dead, the administrators are looking for options to save the chain.  The company’s 2,000 employees will be paid through the government’s job retention scheme, set up specially to support businesses through the coronaviru pandemic called Furlong.

  5. Trans States Airlines
    Trans States Airlines is a USA regional airline that flies routes for United Airlines, under a brand called the United Express. Trans States Airlines has been thinking of shutting down the United Express brand at the end of 2020.  The airline ceased operations on the 1st of April 2020, citing  “unforeseen impact of the coronavirus,”

  6. Compass Airlines
    Compass Airlines is a small regional carrier, which operates flights for American Airlines. The travel restriction brought on by Covid-19 saw all airlines cutting capacity . Compass airline will cease operating from the 1st of April.

  7. Cath Kidston calling in the administrator
    Cath Kidston
    Cath Kidston

    Floral fashion brand Cath Kidston is set to file for administration as the coronavirus shutdown pushes retailers to breaking point. Cath Kidston is one of many companies folding because of measures such as lockdown introduced to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

    The move will put nearly 950 jobs at risk at the company which is best-known for its brightly-coloured designs.

  8. Debenhams to appoint administrators
    High street department store is also said to be working on appointing an administrator.

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