video format

There are different video formats available online, your usage depends on the format your device supports, some video formats work better for one device than the other. Are you having issues uploading a video to your website, or you want to convert your video from a format to another? Here are some tips on which video format work best on which platform

  1. MP4: The Size of MP4 is relatively small in size, it retains its high quality even after compression. This will play on new HTML and be compatible with online and mobile browsers. 
  2. MOV: It is used to save feature-length videos. It is compatible with a wide range of codecs, window platforms, and macintosh
  3. AVI: It comes with improved quality but takes much space. It is compatible with Mac systems and PC
  4. FLV: It is popular for streaming videos. It will work on websites such as Google and Youtube. It does not support ios devices such as the iPhone and Ipad
  5. WMV: It is a Microsoft software, The size becomes small after compression which reduces the quality of the video. It allows users to upload and share video through email


5 ways to convert a video from one format to another. 

Most users want to convert the video format when they are either trying to upload it on the internet or want to watch a video on their phone. This might be a result of large video size or the device not supporting the video. If you need to convert from one vidoe format to another, there are several ways to do that.  Five quick and easy way to convert a video from one format to the  other are listed below:

  1. Convert a video with VLC Media player: VLC has varieties of features, it can play different media files and can cut video clips.
  2. Make use of a video converting tools like ps2pdf, MOVAVI e.t.c: It helps you convert Different video format to MP4
  3. Imovie for Mac: It converts some video formats to MP4 and allows you to edit videos
  4. Video converter for android users: It allows you to convert MP4 to MPG and still retain the quality
  5. Format factory: It allows you to convert videos, audios, and images and support several video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV and many more.




The above is not a full list of how to convert one video format to another, there are many other ways. But to get the basic conversion doen, one of the methods listed above should do the trick. If you need help converting your video from one format to another, please contact Haba Naija, we are here to help. You may find our article on why you should host your website on a SSD cloud hosting useful.