which andriod device to buy in 2020
which andriod device to buy in 2020
which andriod device to buy in 2020

We ‘ve gone so digital that we can’t even remember when we started; they are so many updates, upgrades and PRO production of quality digital devices like **computer systems (laptops, palmtops, desktop and so on),** mobile phones(i pad, iPod, i phone, tablets, android and so on).

Mobile phones have high demand in the market, due to the progressive production of quality mobile phones. Let’s take the IOS production company “Apple” for instance; these people have constantly put more effort in producing outstanding IOS devices that beat almost all other devices in the market with quality upgrades and productions. Examples of these IOS devices are,

  • I phone 4 – Apple A4, 5MP, 1420MAH, 3.5” (8.89cm)
  • I phone 4s – Apple A5, 8MP, 1430MAH, 4” (8.89cm)
  • I phone 5c –AppleA6, 8MP, 1510MAH, 4” (10.16cm)
  • I phone 5s – AppleA7, 8MP, 1560MAH, 4” (10.16cm)
  • I phone 6 – AppleA8, 8MP, 1810MAH, 4.7” (11.94cm)
  • I phone 6s –AppleA9, 12MegaPixels, 1715MAH, 4.7” (11.94cm)
  • I phone SE –AppleA9, 12MP, 1642MAH, 4.0” (10.16cm)
  • I phone 7 – Apple A10 fusion, 12MegaPixels, 1960MAH, 4.7” (11.94cm)
  • I phone 7plus – Apple A10 fusion, 12MP + 12MP, 2900MAH, 5.5” (13.97cm)
  • I phone 8 – Apple A11 Bionic, 12MP, 1821 MAH, 4.7” (11.94cm)
  • I phone 8plus – Apple A11 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 2675 MAH, 5.5” (13.97cm)
  • I phone X – Apple A11 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 2716MAH, 5.8” (14.73cm)
  • I phone XR – Apple A12 Bionic, 12 megapixels, 2942MAH, 6.1” (15.49cm)
  • I phone XS – Apple A12 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 2658MAH, 5.8” (14.73cm)
  • I phone 11– Apple A13 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 3110MAH, 6.1” (14.73cm)
  • I phone 11 pro – Apple A13 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 3046MAH, 5.8” (14.73cm)
  • I phone 11 pro max – Apple A13 Bionic, 12MP + 12MP, 3969MAH, 5.8” (14.73cm)

And so on, even till the extent of producing I phone 11 pro max. All these different IOS devices have their different advantages and disadvantages, keep in mind that as the chain increases disadvantages of the devices reduces.

Let’s not get carried away because am going to be speaking on android devices. You may be wondering what really is that which differentiates an IOS device from an Android device; I will explain that to you right now.

IOS vs. Android

iOS is strictly controlled by apple alone to avoid quality problems from various manufacturers
Android is like a software and it is available for many manufacturers like Samsung, Techno, LG, Infinix and so on. This is said to have some quality problems on lower phones.

Android is an open system and it allows users to customize deices easily
iOS is a closed system and users barely have permissions.
integration in Google Android is not too good compare to that of Apple iOS which is smooth and better

Voice Assistants in Android generally is Google Assistant (some manufacturing companies like Samsung have theirs added) it is much stronger than iOS “Siri”.

iOS Applications are gotten from apple App store while that of Android is gotten from Google play store.
The running performance of an iOS device is greater than that of an Android.

With the following differences you must have gotten an answer to your questions, over the years these operating systems has been topping the list in the mobile world and leading other operating systems like windows and so many others.

Back to the topic of this post, how to know which android device to get in 2020. Android OS is used by many popular mobile phone producing companies; some of those companies are;

Mobile Phone Producing Companies that use Android

Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google, Oppo, Motorola, Mobbicel, Lenovo, Nokia, Techno, Infinix, Itel
Amongst all these companies listed, Samsung tops with the best android device at the moment. Samsung has put in more devices into the market, not just any device but top quality device and still standing top at the moment. Here is a list of the best quality android mobile device.

List of Android Phones to Get In 2020

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus
  • Samsung S20 ultra
  • Google pixel 4
  • Huawei P30 pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Oneplus 7T
  • Moto G7 Power
  • LG G8 Thin Q
  • Xiaomi Mi9
  • Google pixel 3a
  • Motorola moto E6 plus
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Asus ROG phone 2
  • Oppo Reno 10x zoom

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Right before the production of this device, Samsung Galaxy S10+ was the talk of the day but now it’s a minor compared to what Samsung Galaxy S20+ has to offer. This is the leading android device at the moment.


A snapdragon 865 processor, 5G capable, dimensions 161.9x 73.7x 7.8mm, Android 10, Resolution 3200x 1440, 12GB Ram, storage 128/512 GB (capable of reaching one terabyte with external card), 4500MAH battery, 12MP + 64MP + 16MP + TOF, zooming of up to 5X with an ultra-wide, front 10MP 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus

Big screen, Fast charge, versatile cams


A snapdragon 855/Exynos 9825 processor, dimensions 162.3x 77.2x 7.9 mm, Android 9, Resolution 3040×1440, 12 GB Ram, 128/512 GB storage, 4000MAH battery, 12MP + 12MP + 16MP, front 10MP

Huawei P30 pro

40 mega pixel f/1.6 ultra wide 50x maximum hybrid zoom, 980 processor, 4200mah, 40w fast charge
Dimensions 158x 73.4 x 8.4 mm, Android 9, CPU kirin 980, 24MP front cam

Samsung S20 ultra
Best battery


snapdragon 865/Exynos 990, 6.9 inch, 5000Mah, 120Hz, dimensions 166.9x 76x 8.8 mm, Android 10
16GB Ram, 512GB storage, 108 mp back and 40 mp front

Google pixel 4

Amazing cams, furnished design, smooth processor
A snapdragon 855processor, dimensions 160.4x 75.1x 8.2 mm, Android 10, Resolution 1440×3040, 6GB Ram, 64-128 GB storage, 3700MAH battery, 12.2MP + 16 MP, front 8 MP

6GB Ram, 64GB Storage, 90Hz display

One plus 7J

Fast charge, super smooth display


A snapdragon 855 processor, dimensions 162.6x 75.9x 8.8mm, Android 9, Resolution 1440x 3120,6-8-12GB Ram, 128-256GB storage, 4000MAH battery, 48MP + 8 MP + 16MP, front 16MP

LG G8 Thin Q


A snapdragon 855 processor, dimensions 151.9x 71.8x 8.4mm, Android pie, Resolution 1440x 3120, 6GB Ram, 128GB storage, 3500MAH battery, 16MP + 12 MP, front 8MP

Asus ROG Phone2

This is the best gaming device at this time
6.59 inch amoled screen, 120Hz refresh rate 855 plus snapdragon, 2.96GHz, 12GB Ram, 512GB storage

Moto G7 Power

Snapdragon 632, dimensions 159.4x 76x 9.3 mm, Android 9, 4GB of Ram, 64GB storage, 6.2 inch, 1080 resolution, 5000Mah

Xiaomi Mi9 – Good cams

5.97 inch, 3070 MAH, snapdragon 712 processor, 6 GB Ram

Google pixel 3a

12mp f 1.8 cams (oled), 3000Mah, Android 9, 48mp

Motorola moto E6 plus

6.1nch, 1560×720 pixel resolution, 8mp front

Sony xperia 1

21:941 oled hdr, 12mp, snap dragon 855, 6GB ram and 128GB storage

Oppo Reno 10x zoom

13mp, 8mp, 855processor, 4065MAH, 6.6inch, 12GB Ram

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