Haba Naija Weekend Story

Haba Naija Weekend Story

Haba Naija Weekend Story

Dear Haba! Please keep me anonymous and share.

When I met Tunde, it was just like a normal causal relationship. I never had any genuine feelings whatsoever for him, but gradually I found myself slowly wanting to spend time with him. It was simple. It was easy. I thought it was the beginning of the best relationship in my life. Like you were not looking for anything, and then suddenly you realize you have something. I felt in a world where no one understands me, it’s good to finally find someone who understands me.

At the beginning, he was so caring, he showers me with all sorts of expensive gifts, holidays. Anything I ever wanted was within my reach. Many times, I felt I was the luckiest woman on earth.

To cut a long story short, I fell totally for him. The happiest day of my life was when he proposed to me. Lol! It was like the seven stars in the world had shined on me.


We had a most glamorous wedding ceremony. So much celebrated that four incumbent governors were present at the ceremony.

After our so much celebrated wedding, there comes the greatest travails of life! Tunde changed totally, he woke me up with a belt and bid me goodnight with hot slaps and severe beatings. Often times I could not go out, due to the series of scars I got from frequent heavy beating.

Dear haba! Since I got married to Tunde, I have never experienced what’s called joy in marriage. It’s been two years in this unhappy matrimony. I recently found out that I am two months pregnant with his child!

I am tired of this bondage but this blessing came in a not too good time. I will be 34 in February and God knows, I really want to keep this child. I also want to set myself free from this evil man called Tunde. I have been to a series of church revivals, yet no genuine change, the beaten continues everyday.

Please give me your advice. Keep me anonymous and kindly share on your media pages.

Anonymous woman from Western Nigeria.