Instagram reels are the hottest update in the most top visual-oriented social media platform. It is similar to TikTok, which allows users to film and post videos for up to 30seconds with various effects & music and share them directly on the platform. 

Most businesses use reels to spark up their social media game, knowing the feature’s potential. Thus, it is a perfect one to use in your marketing strategy on social media. Here are the five tried and verified ways to start using the Instagram reels feature to build your brand and increase sales.

BTS(Behind The Scenes)

Though Instagram reels is a short-term video format, it is ideal for interacting with your target audience on a personal level. And the best way to bring that is through providing your audience a stunning BTS about your brand, product, service, or working employees.

For example, your audience already knows about your eye-catching pizzas via your Instagram stories and posts if you run a pizza business. But they don’t know the real work behind pizza making, packaging, and delivering. Instagram reels are a great spot to showcase them. 

Also, reels help provide customers a deep look into your brand’s work culture, demonstrating how your product perfectly fits into your customer’s daily life and highlights your teammates’ energetic efforts. A remarkable fact is that it is just a 15-30 second video so, you don’t need to think elaborately or do immense edits.

Sharing BTS(Behind The Scenes) is the perfect way to grow your brand’s authenticity and make the audience more excited about your services & products.

Share UGC(User Generated Content)

The most significant selling point for every brand on Instagram reels is authenticity. Your target audience doesn’t need to see your product promotion, and they also need to know your business or brand & its community.

Like BTS, User Generated Content(UGC) is one of the perfect ways to gain authenticity. The benefits that you acquire from the audience through UGC is:

  • Higher engagements automatically increase the reach of your brand.
  • Excellent authentic posts from customers.

You could begin by connecting with micro-influencers to make short videos for your brand where they already use your services or products. Then bring them up in a quick reel. Another great way is to conduct a hashtag contest. Ask your audience to upload the product’s short videos and tag your business or brand. Reward every participant with high-performing or best content. In simple words, UGC is a powerful tool to raise your brand’s overall social proof.

Educate Your Audience(How-To Videos)

Instagram reels also help you provide educational and informational video content in a quick & handy way that brings back your audience to your profile for more. Upload reels videos in a solution providing ways like how to do a thing in a simple way with your products. From the above example about the pizza business, you can post short, attractive reels videos on making a delicious pizza with simple ingredients. 

Share some valuable content and information & a little humor to help your target audience in purchasing decisions. Utilize the questions sticker from your Instagram story to get maximum questions from your audience, and then answer every question in reels. Ask your audience for feedback in the comment section of Instagram reels and what they would like to watch next. 

If your fans know that you upload how-to content regularly, they will mostly follow your profile and come back for more content. For instance, a vegan brand on Instagram regularly uploads reels on how to do tasty vegan recipes at home for their audience. 

These video types educate your people more and allow you to showcase your services or products, and that’s the next point.

Show Your Products In Reels

Ever bought an online product and felt frustrated while seeing the product after receiving it as the product is totally different from what you have seen on the website. Give your audience a transparent reels video demonstrating your every product in real-life scenes.

Highlight every benefit and unique feature of your products. Also, come up with why people should go for purchasing your products rather than a competitor’s products. For example, a popular online coffee store on Instagram uploads Instagram reels video content of their multiple coffee products.

If you run a training shoe business online, create a short video like someone typing up the laces and running around. Connect them with the outfit ideas, and ensure to add purchasing info in your video caption like “Check the link in our bio to purchase a training shoe with discounts – limited offer!”.

Also, it is essential to grab your audience within a few seconds to attain automatic likes for Instagram through your reels video content; otherwise, the audience would scroll quickly.

Make It Personal And Fun

The last but most effective one is to use the Instagram reels to their maximum extent and engage with your people in a personal and fun way.

It is the spot to avoid formal talks and build personal connections with your people. For example, post your CEO’s vlogs from the meetings that your teams are attending or bloopers your people could resonate with every day.

Grab every trending video or image style that perfectly matches your business or brand. You can even create your unique challenge or trend and encourage your fans to participate in it(remember to create a unique hashtag for your brand). Always be transparent with your Instagram reels, and thus form a solid audience online relations.

Summing Up

Instagram’s performance of TikTok gives a powerful way for every business to educate, inspire, entertain, share tips, and engage authentically with their people. With the help of Instagram reels, you could build a robust connection with your fans and grow your brand’s online visibility.

And also, you don’t need to be a huge name brand with millions of fans to go viral – even with a small follower count, and you can attain more audience through your tremendous reels content which is worth a lot.

So, it is the perfect time to utilize the tips mentioned above to incorporate Instagram reels into your social media marketing strategy.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


Mary Kyle