Borehole drilling at Joga Aiyetoro

Borehole drilling at Joga Aiyetoro

Two Lagos state based NGOs, Agege based Hope Spring Water and Ogba based Tower Foundation have collaborated to bring safe, clean drinking water to Joga Aiyetoro community, in Ogun state.
The 5,000 strong community at Joga Aiyetoro, have relied on the local stream for all their water needs, including drinking, cooking and washing, as well as to water their animals. Water drawn from the stream is drank without any purification, which can pose some health issues. The stream is not able to serve the community all year round, as it dries up during the dry season.
Women and children of Joga have to walk even farther and longer in search of clean drinking water during the dry season.

The collaboration between Hope Spring Water (a WASH charity) and Tower Foundation (a health charity) seeks to address both the health and other issues associated with lack of clean drinking water all year round at Joga Aiyetoro. The collaboration was brokered by Mrs Hameedat Balogun, of Hameedah Poverty Relief Foundation.
Mrs Balogun, who works for Hope Spring Water as a volunteer, knew of health outreach project Tower Foundation planned for December 2017. With her knowledge of Hope Spring plans, Mrs Balogun was able to get the two organisations to work together to help the people of Joga.

5,000 litres of clean water on tap

Though Hope Spring Water and Tower Foundation took the lead in the provision of clean drinking water at Joga Aiyetoro. Other organisations and individual contributed to making the project a success. One such organisation is the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Anu, who assisted the NGOs in finding a suitable location to cite the borehole. The Church also contributed to funding the brick structure, holding the 5,000 litre tank.
Other notable contributors to the project include Otumba Bimbo Ashiru, the Ogun State Commissioner for commerce and industry. With help from the two NGOs, a church and many remarkable individuals, the people of Joga Aiyetoro and the surrounding community now have access to a borehole that services them clean drinking water all year round.

You can find out more information about Hope Spring Water and their clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects at Hope Spring water project page. To follow them on social media, visit Spring Water Facebook page or Spring Water Twitter page. Other ways to contact or connect with Hope Spring can be found here.