Torotoro Ayanfe
Torotoro Ayanfe

Olu Amusan also known as Torotoro Ayanfe is indeed a rare kind and multi-talented by nature. A musician of the Native Nigerian and Yoruba Ewi reciters, an actor, filmmaker and a radio presenter.

Early Life
Olu Amusan was born in Gbagan town at the outskirts of Ibadan, in a very small town. He attended quite a number of primary schools which are:
•St. Patrick School Gbagan,
•CAC Primary school Ibadan and
•Aladiya Kamoya Primary School Ilorin, He concluded his primary and basic education in the year 1979, were he move on to pursue his career in the music and movie world.

He has multiple careers in entertainment which are the Ewi music and also a career in Nollywood yoruba movies as an Actor.


He grew up with love for the native music that originates from the depths of the Yoruba land. To accomplish his dreams, he became an Egungun follower and when he sings. The Egungun
worshipers admire his melodious voice which inspires the depths of the soul whenever he is lost in the spirit of delivering music to please the ears of his audience.

He has also been different outings with the Egungun follower, and this is no doubt the reason why he is such an industrious, creative and experienced EWI reciter . He is known in the music scenario as ToroToro Ayanfe , a Yoruba Ewi Artiste who manipulates the Ewi song of poetic messages and praises . He gives this old form of native Yoruba musical art a very strong rhetoric meaning.


Torotoro in Egun Oba
Torotoro in Egun Oba

He is also a very brilliant actor who works tirelessly to achieve whatever goal has been set to see an outcome of a movie. He has also worked with prominent theater practitioners such as Pa Ogungbe, Olowo Aiye, Jimoh Aliyu, Eddy Ogboma to mention but a few.

Torotoro Ayanfe has been honored at the Kwara State College of Education with the Title of Chief Balogun Apede.
He is also an outstanding artist when it comes to Yoruba cinematography.

He took up the challenge to star in an intriguing Yoruba movie titled Egun Oba, which he was heavily involved in the screenplay. He is currently working on another Yoruba movie titled Ogun-Ol

Other Interests
He is happily married and a dedicated father blessed with four children,
Olu Amusan is a selfless entertainer who seems to get only pleasure from entertaining others as nothing else catches his interests but football which he watches only when he is in a complete tone of relaxation.

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