Are you interested in finding out who is set to become the wealthiest people in Nigeria by 2023?


Well, this blog will give you a good indication! Here are the top richest people in Nigeria that we believe might make it onto this list by 2023.

1. Aliko Dangote:


The current chairman and CEO of Dangote Group has been rated as the richest person in Africa with an approximate net worth nearing $16 billion. With business interests across multiple industries such as cement manufacturing, real estate development, banking and food production; there’s no doubt he will hold his position for many years to come.

2. Folorunsho Alakija:


She currently holds about 25% stake of London-listed oil exploration company – Famfa Oil Ltd., making her one of the few African women billionaires. Her success story isn’t limited only within Nigeria – she also co-owns Rose of Sharon House which opened its first retail outlet outside Nigerian borders confirming her commitment towards creating employment opportunities for millions around the world.

3. Femi Otedola:


This entrepreneur made history when Forte Oil became one of few publicly traded companies owned entirely by Nigerians on both local & international exchanges earning him widespread recognition globally. Currently having investments focused mainly on power supply & energy sector based services, he stands proud at number 3 spot among top 10 wealthiest industrialists across country’s borders with multiple sources citing his wealth approaching over 6bn US Dollars figure mark shortly into future due strong presence capital market & commodities sector besides growing preference renewable energy sources being pursued nation wide right now.

4. Oba Otudeko :


As founder or Honeywell group , Hewlett Packard (HP), etcetera while actively engaging building sustainable partnerships general area Information Technology provisioning services south eastern part sub region alone adds together showing commitment high quality service delivery need masses here . However status ‘richest man ed and 2019 Forbes list places him comfortably eighth overall rankings just behind likes other majors like Tunde F Oleiniker Mike Adenuga but does seems have potential fill gap further ahead decade , surprising record 5 shared shareholders ranks 28th nomination earlier year.

5. Maikanti Baru:


A petroleum engineering graduate from USUNiversity working his way Global Oil Giant Shell plc since 2007 while supporting government ‘Power Vision Project’transform energy sector serve teliable source electricity work wider improvement lives community areas thought leadership initiatives aimed promoting awareness sustainable futures.

6. Tonye Cole:


Prominent entrepreneur Founder Executives Director Sahara Group involved number important business ventures ranging aqua culturing amongst invested megaproject increasing production capabilities key mono rail contract Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode pushed forward strategic road construction highway program ‘expanding West African Economy constructing New World Class Airport Terminal Abuja International Airport 3 )Babatunde Fashola estable official Cabinet Minister place majority ‘Works Transport Portfolio Throughout career has served several roles practices advocation green initiative reduced cost Import Export activity between partners overseas markets You certainly grab onto belief system investing separate route remainder pack commodities traded monetary magnitude…

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