Online Business in Nigeria
payment on your website in Nigeria
payment on your website in Nigeria

Gone are the days when it was quite a big deal for the eCommerce website to make money transactions in Nigeria. Over the years the continuous innovation of different online payment platforms has made the online business a very easy and interesting thing to do.

Thanks to the series of brains behind the series of wonderful payment online platforms that gives online entrepreneurs a variety of choices of mode of online payment in Nigeria.

Here is a detailed list of ways of online payment on your website.

1. CashEnvoy

CashEnvoy ranks have one of the payment solutions for receiving payment on your website in Nigeria. It is one of the most easily integrated platforms for eCommerce on the web. For some few decades now, CashEnvoy has been making transactions online a very easy task. The platform is certified and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

CashEnvoy offers a personal and business account with an affordable price to set-up. Also, for credit card transactions, a website needs a business account which means that the business must be a registered one.

2. Interswitch

Interswitch ranks high when it comes to payment on websites in Nigeria. The brand has the highest patronage and penetration in Nigeria’s online markets.

Though Interswitch is quite expensive to set-up, it is one of the trusted modes of online transactions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Setting up an account on Interswitch requires a payment of N150,000 fee and a transaction commission of about 3.5 % per transaction with a cap.

Interswitch is easy to integrate, it offers the best documentation and has a list of plugins, packages e.t.c.

Many users review the project to be a straightforward platform for online payment on your site in Nigeria.

3. Money wave or Flutterwave 

Flutterwave has positioned itself as one of the most reckon when it comes to global B2B payment solutions platforms in Africa and other continents.

Flutter waves are number 1 in providing the backend for several payment gateways.

The online payment platform has been reviewed to be the next Interswitch in Nigeria.

The platform charges 1.5% + 100naira and a monthly standard fee of $150 +. This might have changed as charges on online payment platforms are not stable in Nigeria.

4. Payment Link

Payment link allows small businesses to create a unique payment URL for accepting online payment for products or services they render.

It is one of the new categories of online payment platforms in Nigeria. All that is required is to create a link and share the URL with your customers to start getting paid.

This link also serves as an alternative to POS for small businesses and merchants.

5. Vogue pay

Vogue pay is one of the easiest and secure platforms to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

The platform allows a business to receive and make payments in local and international currencies from anywhere in the world.

One of the numerous things that make Vogue pay unique is that it also accepts payment in Bitcoin.

Vogue pay has clear and simple API documentation that makes integration easy for amateurs, it offers an easy to manage account system, and allows payment in multiple global currencies.

6. Paystack

Apart from its easy to set-up platform, and being a modern online and offline solution in the entire regions of Africa, Paystack allows websites to accept debit and credit card payment from online customers. It can be easily set-up on websites within seconds, without any stress of code writing whatsoever.

Paystack is one of the fastest-growing modes of online payment in Nigeria. It is easy to set up and offers zero maintenance free. While 3.9 % is charged from international transactions, 1.5 % is charged for local transactions.

7. Remita

Remita is also one of the easy ways to receive and make payments on your website in Nigeria.
It has a ready to use plugins, APIs that makes setup on the website a piece of cake.

The platform allows single or multiple beneficiaries from accounts registered on Remita. The setup and support are relatively free of charge, it receives an international payment of 4% and 2 % charged for local payments. It also offers easy payroll for businesses within the range of 2 to 200,00 staff organizations.

8. Amplify pay

Amplify pay is one of the genuine platforms that provides online payment services to online business..

It is the best payment platform for businesses that sell service to subscribers monthly as it is ranked highest in handling subsequent monthly charges without prompting the user to enter their card information multiple times.

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