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Still thinking about how you’re going to spend your Christmas and enjoy this festive season? Why not go out to have a good time? Nigeria is no Disneyland but be assured that there are a lot of fabulous places and spots you can visit in the country. In fact, Lagos is known to have a whole lot of those.

You cannot afford to miss out on these top six places that Nigerians and Non-Nigerians turn up to visit for the Christmas holiday.

1. SilverBird Galleria

This is known as a location which draws everyone to it with the great things and excitement it has to offer. It is a popular place you can’t regret spending time at for the Christmas holiday. SilverBird Galleria can be found at Ikeja Shopping Mall and at Victoria Island, Lagos. The Galleria is a mind-blowing structure that houses many interesting shops, service providers and centres with entertainment packages. Some of the things you will find on different floors of this Galleria are;

A shirt shop, mobile network and gadget offices, cafe, lounge and beauty shop, arcades, pharmacy, food concession, an event centre space, and a lot more. December is also a great time to visit the Silverbird Galleria because stores make available discounts. One of the most occupied parts of the Galleria is the Silverbird Cinema which is on the top floor of the building, If you’re in search of a good way to enjoy Christmas. The Silverbird Galleria is definitely a good location in Lagos you’d like to visit.

Here is a list of movies to watch out for this Christmas at The Silverbird Cinema;


2. Kidzone

Children tend to enjoy the most out of the Christmas holiday. Kidzone is one of Lagos’ fabulous playgrounds that your kids would love to visit. The Kidzone is loved for its conducive environment and it is designed to provide both kids and parents with enough entertainment. There are a lot of interesting games and fun activities made available. For Christmas, The Kidzone especially takes up a Xmas Fun Fair and this entails a whole lot of activities at the fun spot. Parents also get to relax and enjoy themselves at the fun spot. Put a smile on a kid’s face by taking him or her to Kidzone for an amazing time during Christmas. KIDZONE is located at 429, Old Abeokuta Motor Road, Labak Estate, Agege, Lagos.

3. Apapa Amusement Park

Talking about a perfect recreation spot for persons of all ages, Apapa Amusement Park is that spot. The amusement park is located at No 1 Randle Road, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria. The park is currently appreciated having regained its lost glory. The amusement park is a family-themed park and a centre filled with lots of activities. We need not say much about this park because it is known to be really occupied by people from all over during the Christmas season. Some of its facilities are; an events centre, mini Ferris, sky race, 7D Cinema, air bicycle, disco, park rides, food court, terrace, happy swing, sky race, and lots more.

4. Muson Centre

Are you the type that enjoys stage plays and live performances? Search no more, you are going to love this. The Muson Centre is one of the top centres in Lagos you would love to visit for Christmas. It is a reputable centre and having an experience of the performances held is really going to be worth it. Yes, not just any kind of experience, but an unforgettable one. The stage performances are a mixture of both traditional and contemporary. A lot of people enjoy going to Muson Centre, especially during festive seasons, including Christmas.

5. The Whispering Palms

The name of the resort is gotten from a large number of palm trees planted around the resort. Stepping into this resort means you are ready to tap into natural, traditional and modern lifestyles. This depends on the number of days you choose to spend at the resort. Paying a visit to the Whispering Palms means you get to enjoy the offers made available. Be certain that your Christmas is with no dull vibes at this resort and the adventure comes with relaxation and fun.

Within the Whispering Palms, you will find a splendid lagoon, bar spot, sports area, playground area, spacious rooms, gym, spa, tall Palm trees, beach outdoor games, huts and accommodations, swimming pool, and lots more.

The location of The Whispering Palms is at;  Iworo Road Turn at Aradagun Bus Stop, Off Lagos Badagry Express Way, Amuwo Odofin, Badagry

6. Spice Route

This is also another top place to visit in Lagos for Christmas. If you are the type that likes to party, chill at a bar, dance and enjoy night vibes, well the Spice Route is the right place for you. Spice Route is a night Club which is located at Adeola Odeku street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. There is a variety of food, drinks, wines and alcohol made available for purchase. The music played at the club is also to keep you entertained. The club is also a good place to socialize. You never know, you might end up meeting your future spouse or getting a business contract at this nightclub on a Christmas day.

The essence of visiting a place during Christmas is to spend quality time with your loved one, make memories, relax and have fun. These top six mentioned above are no doubt interesting places you can visit in Lagos for a splendid Christmas.

By Tosin Kolawole

Nigeria is home to Tosin Kolawole, a content writer and brand consultant. He is an avid fan of sports, most especially football and tennis. He enjoys reading, writing, learning, and watching movies. He is keen on helping brands and platforms like Haba Naija launch into an area of excellence. He dedicates his time and energy to producing outstanding content in genres such as education, finance, technology and other related niches