Most individuals especially entrepreneurs venture into business opportunities with the knowledge of the type of business which they want to start. For new entrepreneurs, finding a profitable business in Nigeria is difficult for them as it becomes difficult for them to know the best choice when it comes to making starting a business.

If you are passionate about starting your own business, it may seem tough for you to choose a business idea which is suitable for you. This is why you must read this article and get an idea of the most profitable small business ideas which you can use to start up your entrepreneurship journey.

When it comes to starting your own business, you should consider some factors like the type of business you want to set up, the location of the business, the type of products, goods or services which you would offer and the cost of starting such business. When this has been considered, you should have the mindset that you are your own boss, and that you want to make a profit from the business as it grows.

Each of the small business ideas mentioned here can provide a good living condition for you and your household if it expands quickly. Better still, none of them requires huge capital to set up. Small business ideas are very profitable than some big businesses in town that requires lots of materials and resources to start up.

Yet still, all businesses are profitable no matter how its size, with the right attitude to work, determination and commitment, you can start a small business today, make a huge profit from it and turn it into a big business.



Top 5 Startups for Small Budget

If you have a yearning desire on running a profitable business, you’ll have to take a look at the profitable small ideas listed below;

1. Business Consulting

Startups and businesses are willing to invest their resources to acquire the services of business consultants who can help them to achieve the results which they seek to achieve. This is one of the easiest passive income ideas in Nigeria.
Business organizations and corporations are willing to pay hefty figures of cash when they are provided with the right advice which will see them excel in their business environment.

Business consulting doesn’t require much capital other than required sound business-minded individuals who have had a good knowledge from working in a business environment. This is a small scale lucrative business in Nigeria.

2. Car Wash Services

Not sure about small business to startup? Try out the option of starting up a cash wash business. This business is profitable and lucrative when it is being done right; you can decide to start this business by having a base or location for your car wash business or setting up a mobile car wash service that gives room for you to move about to any location to wash people’s vehicles.

It is not a hidden fact that most people with upscale and exotic cars would rather hire the services of a mobile car wash to clean up their cars rather than driving to a car wash outlet or a garage to have their cars washed. Car wash is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

If you choose to set up a mobile car wash service, it would save you the startup cost of having a location and make you benefit from it by placing you at a position whereby you get to fix your own rates rather than the normal fixed rates which are priced at physical car wash locations.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the small profitable businesses to start up. There are businesses, media, magazines and press houses that are in search of creative graphic designers to fill in the role of an editor, copywriter, writer or a content creator in their company.

As a freelance writer, you get to write articles for clients and you get paid for your work. There aren’t many resources which are needed for you to start up a freelance writing business. As a matter of fact, you can run a freelance writing business from the home, school or anywhere.

With the aid of the internet, freelance writers are having the best time in the business because the internet gives them the opportunity of getting writing gigs, getting more clients and making their works faster. Before you can start selling freelance writing services, you must be a good writer with good use of the English language.

4. Auto Repair

As people make use of their cars and vehicles as a means of going from place to place, it is imminent that such vehicle may break down at any point in time. You can set up a car or an automobile shop that would repair and fix damaged and spoilt vehicles.

As an automobile engineer or a mechanic, you can set up an auto shop which would offer car maintenance and car repair services. For the purpose of this, you would be required to get your auto shop equipped with tools.
Also, you could also choose the option of going mobile with your car maintenance/car repair services by offering engine oil changes, fluid repairs, changing of the car battery, headlight repair, wheel balancing right in the parking lot of the garage of your customer.

5. Website Design

The era of the digital age has given rise for people to open a website for different purposes. Even businesses now open a website to get more visibility and get more customers online, thus, having an online presence contributes to the success of a business.

Web designing is a small business which you can start up with little or no capital. If you are creative and skilled in it, you will get to make stunning websites that attract more clients to have you design their websites.
Website design is not just about the interface design of a blog or a website, you can also work on other areas such as standardized code, proprietary software and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).