You must have received unsolicited notifications from emails, calls, text messages, Facebook and tweets. These notifications  are irrelevant to you but it is still sent to you. Your phone beeps every second due to these. This can be frustrating. If you are tired of this,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 4 ways to help you overcome this notification menace.

Turn off notification

This is perhaps the first thing you should do when you repeatedly receive notifications. For example, when you leave a comment on a Facebook post, all other comments will be sent to you. If the post garners thousands of responses, you will receive all of them. It is either you do not comment or you comment and turn off notifications for that particular post.

Use Truecaller

If your service provider ‘disturbs’ you with unrequested calls, it is time for you to download Truecaller. The function of Truecaller is to block spam calls. You can add the number to the spam list of the Truecaller app. You will observe that when next the same number phones you, the app will block the number. Same with Truemessenger. You can download these apps on Google play store!


Create a VIP list

You can create a VIP list of people that can call you especially during emergencies.  This will automatically block any spam call or text. Hence, you know that any calls or notifications that you receive are important.


Do not add anybody to your social media accounts

If you do not want to be irritated by notifications, do not just accept all invitations to join a group. If you do, you may be opening the floodgate of notifications. If a person adds you to a list or group on Facebook or twitter, simply leave the group if you are not interested.