There is certainly no sarcasm intended when Nigeria, the Giant of Africa is referred to as a “tourist paradise”. The country’s entire geographical existence is certainly worth exploring, with its beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, preserved cultural heritage and traditional history.

If you really want to love up on its beauty, you have to be at these go-to destinations for a full breath-taking tourist experience. And there is no doubt that your mind will be blown away by these tourist attractions.

Here are top 10 outstanding tourist attractions in Nigeria that leaves every tourist and fun seeker with an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort which was formerly addressed as thee Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of Nigeria’s finest and well developed tourist attractions in Nigeria. The resort center which was set up by Mr. Mccaughley in the year 1951 is precisely located in Cross River State, which is not quite far from the Cameroon border.

This popular tourist attraction in the country has people loving it for its wonderful landscape, beautiful scenery, rich vegetation, and temperate weather. The resort also provides free Wi-Fi which the tourists can easily access. In addition, the rooms designed in the resort are made available for every tourist with reasonable expenses.

Obudu Mountain Resort also has other structures within it, this includes a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, restaurant lodge, walking trails, a Gorilla camp and much more. It also has a splendid view of cattle and horses grazing. In all, the Obudu Mountain Resort is a must visit destination. The journey to the resort, the view, adventure and the experience is certainly worth going for.

Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

Osun ancient sacred groove is located in Osogbo, Osun State. (a Southwestern state of the country, having the Yoruba as its major population). It is a historical, remarkable and highly ranked tourist attraction which has gained both national and international recognition. It is also particularly recognized as aUNESCO World Heritage Site. The Osun Sacred Groove placed along the bank of River Osun (Odó Ósun) is a spiritual ground and is dedicated to the goddess of fertility. A festival is always held annually in the month of August in honor of the goddess of fertility. This event is also one of the major reasons why the scared grove is a top tourist attraction in the country.

This sacred groove, is also characterised with rich medical vegetation and different animals especially monkeys. The sacred groove covers about seventy-five hectares and has been in existence for more than seven hundred and fifty years. The Grove is an evidence of the preservation of tradition and culture which has it made it earn its place as a significant tourist attraction in Nigeria.

Nike Art Gallery

This magnificent gallery was established by a popular art enthusiast and textile designer, Nike Davies-Okundaye. Nike Art Gallery is located in Lagos, Nigeria, with its five-story building which hold thousands of artworks. The gallery is one of the best tourist spots for all lovers of artworks. Some of the things you will find in this tourist attraction spots are; sculptures, paintings, beadwork, tie-dye workshops, ironworks, craftwork and more.

Zuma Rock

When you talk about the largest and popular rocks in the country, Zuma Rock is always on the list. The Zuma Rock is located in Madalla, Niger State and it’s known for its popular tourist attraction in the country. Among the things which gained the rock its attraction,  are three significant ones which are;

The clear human face which can be easily sighted on the rock
the Zuma Rock Fire at the rock’s peak whenever it rains
and also royalty as seen by the Zuma people.

Lekki Conservation Centre

Talking about an outstanding nature reserve in Lagos, which also hold the trophy of the most popular tourist attraction in Lagos, Lekki Conservation Centre to the world. It is located in Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki, of Lagos State. The conservation center is being managed by the NCF, short for Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It is open to all visitors, families, couples, tourists and adventurers.

Why is the conservation center worth visiting you may ask? Well why won’t it be; who would want to miss out on the Lekki Conservation Centre which houses Africa’s longest canopy walkway, the tree house, gazebos, barbecue joint, beach, huts, nature station and pond. They  also have a serene and well protected environment, and the best part it it’s very affordable to access.

Yankari Games Reserve

The Yankari games reserve, is located in Bauchi State, Northern Nigeria. The reserve has been able to successfully preserve wildlife and lots of animal species as its natural inhabitants. There in the reserve, lies caves and wells which are linked to the stories of the Atlantic slave trade. To have a full adventurous experience at the game reserve, you certainly must visit at least one of these springs. Wikki Warm Spring, Mawulgo spring, Gwana spring, and Dimil spring.

The Millennium Park

Upon the inauguration of the park by Queen Elizabeth, the Millennium Park was opened as a public park in Abuja. The park, as one of Abuja’s top tourist attractions, was originally designed by Manfredi Nocoletti, an Italian architect. The Millennium Park has a nice narrow river, a safe environment, a walkway, a series of beautiful fountains, huge pools, and lots more. People from all over the world spend time at the park especially during weekend for a fun-filled and relaxing experience.

Badagry Heritage Museum.

If you really want to know about the history of Nigeria’s colonial era), the ancient cultures of Badagry, then Badagry Heritage Museum is where you should go. The museum has eight galleries which are in the following order: The introductory gallery, the capture gallery, the transportation gallery, the equipment gallery, the resistance and punishment gallery, the industry gallery, the integration gallery and the abolition gallery. These galleries are the major source of the museum’s recognition as a top tourist attraction in Nigeria.

 Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock also known as the fortress of Abeokuta and it’s situated in Abeokuta, Ogun State. It is historically linked to the Egba tribe. The rock served as a natural fortress to these people during the historical inter-tribal warfare which happened in the nineteenth century. To be honest, the journey to Abeokuta is incomplete without paying a visit to the Olumo Rock which is one of Nigeria’s top tourist attractions. Some of the things you will see at Olumo Rock are; water fountains, statues, carvings, natural tunnels, and much more. Also there are hotels, tye-and-dye market and restaurant near the Olumo Rock tourist attraction.

 National War Museum.

Still on tourist attractions in Nigeria, there is the National War Museum which is located in Abia State, Umuahia, Nigeria. The museum was established in the year 1985. The National War Museum provides details, stories and the history of the Nigerian Biafra civil war (1967-1970) which led to a whole lot of bloodshed. This museum houses pictures of the Biafran war, it’s weapons. Access to the museum is very easy and very affordable.

Other tourist attractions in Nigeria are;

1. Ogbunike Caves, Enugu State
2. Abuja National Mosque
3. Gashaki-Gumpti National Park
4. Idanre Hills (Ondo State)
5. Ancient Kano City Wall
6. Gashaka-Gumti National Park
7. Kajuru Castle
8. Ikogosi Warm Springs
9. Agodi Gardens
10. Nana Living History Museum

By Tosin Kolawole

Nigeria is home to Tosin Kolawole, a content writer and brand consultant. He is an avid fan of sports, most especially football and tennis. He enjoys reading, writing, learning, and watching movies. He is keen on helping brands and platforms like Haba Naija launch into an area of excellence. He dedicates his time and energy to producing outstanding content in genres such as education, finance, technology and other related niches