Outdoor Building
Outdoor Building
Outdoor Building

With the summer months approaching, those of us working from home, will be facing the unpleasant conundrum of either being stuck in their study while sweating over their paper work or sitting outside with the laptop enduring screen glare and insect bites. It is no surprise than that many people are opting to create an outdoor study where the convenience of indoors can be combined with the luxury of being outdoors.

The Frame
Purpose built gazebo’s, log cabins and summer houses can be purchased at fairly reasonable rates but there is also the option of repurposing any wooden garages, sheds or other structures that already exist in your garden. If you are repurposing an existing structure, make sure it meets your needs as a study i.e. is it well ventilated? Can an electricity supply be routed to it? Is there enough space for all the office equipment you require? On the other hand, if you are considering a new building, you should be aware that structures in your garden over a certain size may be subject to planning permission, so check this out with your local council first.

This is probably the most difficult part of transforming a log cabin into an outside study but also one of the most essential. Do not attempt to do this yourself, due to high voltage wires and amps this is a job for a professional. Shop around your local electricians to receive the best quote, a professional will know exactly what equipment and supplies will be needed to power your study. Also, remember to tell the electrician exactly how many electricity outlets you will need in your study, do not estimate, there is no point in having a finished project that isn’t functional.

It is important to keep your shed secure if it is to contain important documents and expensive items of technology. The obvious security items are good quality bolts and pad locks but there are other security steps that can be taken. Consider curtains for the windows, what a burglar can’t see they have no motivation to steal, and removing expensive items that are portable such as telephones and laptops at the end of each working day. For those with extra money in their budget alarms, security lights and USB Cameras are all becoming more affordable and worth looking into for that extra peace of mind.
While the set up can take a bit of effort and expense, log cabins, wooden garages, garden cabins and other structures can be turned into a study that will keep for decades, making them an excellent investment for those working from home.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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