Blogging in Nigeria : the ups and downs

Blogging in Nigeria : the ups and downs
Blogging in Nigeria : the ups and downs

One of the things usually recommended before creating a blog for a client, is to do thorough research, on the ups and downs of blogging in Nigeria first. Nowadays, people jump into blogging with the wrong mindset. Most of them think that blogging is just as it sounds. Well, the truth is that, blogging is not really what many Nigerians think it is.
Just like every other business, there are usually ups and downs in blogging. Conversely, if you do not do proper research about the job, you might be frustrated eventually.
In this article, you are going to see some of the misconceptions people often have about blogging in Nigeria. This is basically to educate those who are yet to start their own blog on the things they should bear in mind as a newbie blogger. You are also not going to regret reading this article even if you are already a blogger.

Blogging is all about writing and publishing

Frankly speaking, if you think blogging is just about writing and publishing your articles, then you are making a very big mistake. Blogging isn’t about writing and publishing any more. Though it used to be so in the past.
In this present time, if you want to become a successful blogger, you must learn other things like; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link building and most importantly, you must be ready to fix problems again and again and again.
This is undoubtedly why many people say that blogging is difficult. Well, that is true to some extent. Blogging isn’t a piece of cake. So, if you really want to succeed, you must do more than just writing.

According to a research conducted by Neil Patel, one of the biggest bloggers in the world, the majority of the successful bloggers in every niche are not just people who write and publish their articles, but people who know how to promote their contents too. You must be ready to learn other things about blogging. Not just writing and publishing your articles.

Blogging brings money very fast

There is no doubt to the fact that a blogger can make a lot of money while sleeping, but the fact that blogging brings money fast is a fallacy. Results do not come very fast in blogging. Most times, you will have to work with dedication and patience to be successful.
That is actually the place where most people fail. They think they will start making money from their blog immediately when they start, but that is a big lie.
Well, in case you do not know, blogging does not bring money very fast. In fact, the least time from which a blogger can start making a reasonable amount of money from his/her blog is 6 months.

In your first 6 months, you must be very dedicated. You must publish useful contents everyday, optimize them and share them on social media. If you fail to do this, it might even take a longer time for you to start making money from blogging.

Being formal to your readers will make them come back again

Being too formal with your readers won’t make your blog successful. Many people actually believe that it is better to be very formal while writing in their blogs, but this is not true. Even if your audience are from different parts of the world, you must learn to make them feel at home when reading your content.
A critical analysis of the blogs of most of the successful bloggers in the world also corroborates this. First, you have to know your audience. That is, the kind of people that visit your blog. Then you decide what diction to use when writing your blog posts.
Please don’t get this wrong, It doesn’t mean that you should not be formal when you are supposed to (for News sites). But apparently, there are topics that can be best explained if you are less formal.

More articles will produce higher ranking in search engines

Don’t have the belief that writing too many articles will make your site rank higher in search engines and bring too much money to you. If you really want to start blogging and make cool money from the job, you must focus on the quality of your content and how they are promoted.
Frankly speaking, writing many articles will not give you a higher ranking in search engines if you do not promote them and optimize them. You must write in such a way that your readers will be satisfied when they visit your blog plus other on-page SEO tips.
This is also what Google recommends. Don’t just write so that your blog will get thousands of posts over night. Take your time to optimize every single post on your site. That is the only way to get a higher ranking and a better domain authority.

Blogging is a waste of time

This is one of the wrong beliefs many Nigerians have about blogging. People usually think that blogging is an old fashioned job and it does not really bring money. Apparently, this is not true. Blogging is only becoming competitive everyday, it is not old fashioned and it is also not a waste of time.
A wise man once said that; “blogging only pays really well if you are creative enough to beat your competitors.”
There are thousands of people making millions from their blogs everyday. If you search for the top bloggers in the world on Google, most of them are even richer than many business men and women in Nigeria.
So, the job is not actually old fashioned or a waste of time. The truth is that, many people rush into creating a blog everyday and so, it is now very competitive. In fact only exceptional writers can make good money from blogging these days.

Wrapping up

Above are just some of the misconceptions Nigerians have about blogging. Many professional bloggers will not tell you this because they don’t want the internet to be flooded with too many blogs. There are many other things you are supposed to know about blogging that are not even discussed here, but these are the most essential.
The truth is that, you can’t learn everything in just one day. When you create your own blog, you will even learn more through experience. Conversely, my advice for you is to always ask questions.
As a blogger, you must form the habit of asking questions when you are faced with problems you cannot actually solve. Network with other bloggers and make sure you read a lot too.

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