Confession of a nursing mum

Confession of a nursing mum

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a new life into this world. But, it can become quite the comedy act when you are trying to breastfeed this new human being. Being able to nursing a child is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have as a mother, because it creates a unique bond that cannot be compared to anything else. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are feeding your child all of the optimal nutrients that he/she needs in order to be healthy.

Once you begin to breastfeed, you will also notice that you are less modest than you were when you did not have a child. There are things that you will say and do which will sound very contrary to the beliefs that you had when you were single.

If you are a nursing mom, you will be able to relate to a few of these things. If you are pregnant, or plan to be one day, then this will prepare you for some things that you may experience.

You Think Your Breasts Look Great Even If They Are Leaking

When you begin nursing, your breasts will become bigger because they are filled with milk. They will also sit higher on your chest than they did before you began nursing. The leaking will not be attractive, but if you wanted to look great in a push up bra, now is your chance.

You Will Feed Your Baby Any Time and Any Where

Before you have a child, you may think that it is totally inappropriate for a woman to nurse their child in public. Once you become a nursing mom, you do not care where you and your child is when it is time for your child to nurse as long as you are appropriately covered. Mothers who feed their children with bottles do not have to excuse themselves to the restroom, so why should you? You may notice that some people will look at you disapprovingly, but when your child is hungry, you will not care who does not approve.

You May Accidentally Spray Your Child in the Face

Some women have a difficult time maintaining an adequate milk supply for their child. Other women produce too much milk. A hungry baby cannot keep up with the speedy flow of milk that is coming from the breast, and as a result, they choke because they are trying to drink too fast. The baby will back away from the breast only to be hit in the eye by a spray of milk when he/she tries to resume feeding.

You May Wonder How People at Your Job Feel About Your Milk Being In the Office Freezer

If you have to return to work after your maternity leave is over, you may have to add breast pumping on your list of office duties to complete every day. You need to find a place where you can pump the milk in peace, and you also need to store the milk so it can stay fresh until you get home. An empty conference room can be a safe haven for you to pump, and you can either store the labeled milk bags in the freezer, or you can bring a cooler from home.

These are just a few of things that nursing mothers will endure as they travel on their journey through motherhood. You should embrace and love every moment of the journey because the time will go by quickly.