The Things That You Should Never Place on Facebook
The Things That You Should Never Place on Facebook

If you scroll through your friends’ list on Facebook, you are bound to come across a lot of single statuses. Not all of these people are single by choice; they yearn to be in relationships. But, they could be making questionable decisions when it comes to the information they place on their Facebook timelines. If you or one of your friends is looking to escape the singles’ club and transition into romantic bliss, be aware of the things that others can see on your Facebook profile.

What You Want in a Potential Mate

This is the information that you need to place on a dating website, not on Facebook. If you are looking for the hard to find qualities, create a dating profile on another website.

Proof That You Are Following Your Ex Around

If you and your ex are still friends on Facebook, do not make comments on any pictures they may post of themselves with someone of the opposite gender. In fact, do not make any comments about anything that you see on their page. This will create the illusion that you are either scorned, a stalker, or both.

The same goes for public encounters. If you see your ex with someone else, do not run home to place that information as your status. This will only make you look bad.

Provocative Pictures

You may have a great body and want to show it off, but do not show it off on Facebook. This is not the place to post bikini pictures, lingerie pictures, and pouty faces. These things will cause your friends to all collectively yawn at the same time. If you are posting pictures of yourself, keep them elegant and simple. You should also never refer to yourself as being gorgeous or hot.

Wedding Photos

This includes pictures of dresses, shoes, engagement rings, wedding bands, and song lyrics about weddings. Do not even remotely mention favorite honeymoon destinations. These types of obsessive signs will quickly give you an empty friend list.

Making Angry or Sad Posts about Being Single

Your posts should not come across as full of rage or depressing. Enjoy the stage that your life is currently in, and reflect that positive feeling in your posts. Also, never publicly embarrass your married friends because you feel that they may be neglecting your friendship.

Writing Summaries of the Dates That You Go On

This is why diaries were created, so you can have a place to write your private thoughts. Do not make your Facebook timeline your online journal. This will definitely keep prospective dates away. They do not want to be included in the list.

Do Not Make Any Posts about a Crush That You Have

It does not matter whether the person is a Facebook friend or not. This is something that a 7th grader may do, but you should not go down that route. Keep the feeling to yourself.

As you know, Facebook is a great way to interact with friends and family as long as you are responsible about it. Do not place yourself in bad light with your loved ones by posting things that could blow up in your face later.

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