Things you should know about the person you are dating

Things you should know about the person you are dating

Are you looking to meet someone new? You should never go on date without getting to know the person that you are with better. While you are enjoying yourselves while watching television, or enjoying a romantic dinner, make sure you are learning more about the person you are with. There are several things that you should inquire about as you travel further down lovers’ lane.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Couples who share similar beliefs and values are more compatible than couples who do not. These are the core things that are needed to be the same if you plan to have a long term and healthy relationship. You should ask your companion if they have a religious preference, and what makes them happy. It is also important to know how they base value in things and people.

Discuss Their Family

You should find out if they are close to their immediate and extended family. Inquire about their childhood, and what experiences they had while they were growing up. Do family members respect each other? Are there any volatile relationships in the family? These things will give you greater insight into whether their childhood and family life affected them positively or negatively as an adult.

What Do They Expect From You Physically

This may be one of the most awkward conversations you will have, but it must be discussed so neither one of you will have any expectations about the relationship that the other one does not. Some people want to be intimate after a few dates; others want a more committed relationship. Be sure to talk about this often so no one is disappointed in the relationship.

What Do They Consider a Relationship?

This is another uncomfortable topic that needs to be discussed early in the courtship. You may have been enjoying each other’s company for a few months, but do you really know how the other person feels about you? You need to know where they believe the relationship is going. One of you may be thinking about marriage and a family, while the other one is content dating more than one person at a time. After you have gone out together a few times, you should talk about where you are currently in the relationship, and how the relationship may progress.

How They Handle Disagreements

It can often be difficult to gauge how someone will react during an argument until you are involved in one with them. Before you get a chance to have that opportunity, ask them about previous incidents where they have been involved in conflicts. How did they respond? Are they aggressive by nature? Although, you may try to avoid this unpleasant part of the relationship, differences will occur, so you need to know how to work with them to achieve a healthy resolution.

What Are They Passionate About?

Do they have a favorite hobby or dream? What makes them excited? Are there charities or other projects they are involved with? Do you have the same passions? These things will help you get an overall view of your companion.

These are just a few things that can help you decide what things you need to know about the person you are currently dating.