The Professor - those good old days
The Professor – those good old days

A nice movie made in 2012,coming from the creative director Obed Joe, screen play and story by Vivian Joe. It stars captivating Nigerian actors and actresses Starring;
•Justus Esiri as Prof. Joe Nwandu
•Columbus Irisuanga as VP
•Vivian Joe as Debby
•Alex Eke as Bob
•Benson Bassy as Douglas
•Siya Ideriah as Binta
•Precious Obene as Mercy
•Innocent Chinwo as Toby

The late Justus Esiri made this movie what it is. No one could have played the role better. Justus Esiri plays the role of a retired army officer Prof. Joe Nwandu
who has been given a new appointment as the new Principal for to a very undisciplined school that seems to be falling apart due to high rate of students defaulter.

He matches into the school, his fierce nature and his limping walk gives him away as a really strong and way forward man ,injured during his patriotic time as an officer in the army.

He calls a school general assembly and gives very fierce rules such as no braids and earrings for boys, appropriate dressing by all students, at which the students must follow or risk suspension and terminal expulsion. He orders absolute cleanliness within the school environment and ensures that the school toilets are sparkling clean.

He imbibes his reign of authoritative power installed upon him ,to do what it takes to ensure the school returns to its past glory. The students are terrorized and intimidated by his reign but would they comply to his new strategy towards them?
This is a really nice movie that would remind viewers of the old days when African schools were indeed filled with pride and honor, and every graduate of such school could look back with grateful memories , remembering those teachers who did their best to ensure they graduate with good perfect character.

Nice one from Justus Esiri. Truly a talented veteran of Nollywood. He made every scene a moment to capture. The most interesting part of this movie was when the professor made sure that all students of the school learn the basic National Anthem and master it as a song of valor in their hearts.

This is a typical African movie, a continental must watch and a Nigerian pride. History was made in this movie.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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  1. I used to watch him back in the Village Headmaster days when he was the headmaster, he was fantastic.

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