The Nigerian Mentality

The Nigerian Mentality

The Nigerian Mentality! What really do I mean by this? When you hear this, it doesn’t really mean that’s how all Nigerians think, it’s just how majority of them think and their perception about lots of things.

Talk about the Nigerian mentality, most Nigerians believe that when you have a “pot belle” its a sign of good living when really it’s at the detriment of their health, once they acquired money they start eating things they should not.

Another mentality is being late to an event which they are invited to, now they see this as it makes them look important, Nigerians feel if you are first to an event say for instance, a birthday party, means “you no get level” as in you are of low status in the society.

Nigerians believe that once more than one person dies in a family of the same illness, means the family is cursed and would need spiritual cleansing to stop the rot.

Once a product is made outside the shores of Africa Nigerians feel it’s definitely original!! While the only exception to this are Phones, any Mobile phone made in China is considered fake.

With how organized the government are in Europe and other advanced continents, Nigerians feel once you step foot in Europe, UK, America etc… You are automatically rich and must start sending money to people back home regularly if not your going to be seen as stingy or greedy.

While walking on the road, should you dash your right foot against a stone, it’s believed that something good is about to happen to you, while is its your left foot, means something bad is coming your way. Also When your palm itches you then money is about to come to you from somewhere.

While some also believe if a bird drops a poop on your head, it brings luck, others say if you kill a wall Gecko you may never build a house in your life. When it rains while the sun shines it’s believed a lion is about to give birth.

Like I said earlier, these are just the mentality of Nigerians, because we Nigerians are the only people who think this way a times, but over time we have dropped some of them while some can’t just go away.

Am sure i haven’t even started with these few once, why don’t you help me out and share the once you know about.