Genotype issues in Relationship

Genotype issues in Relationship

The constant ignorance of genotype issues in relationships have become increasingly worrisome. Although there are great fears of couples having a sickler as a child, very little effort is put in to prevent such occurrence, most especially when couples are still courting in preparation for marriage, the most significant issue on genotype and other health matters is pushed aside until the future yields regrets.

What is the significant question here, love or genotype?
This medical and social dilemma is of great importance when taking the next step into marriage for couples that might be yet to make a decision. It would be immeasurably costly to allow love get in the way of nature and what would probably become of the offspring of such couples who have decided to allow love to take the front seat when the health of their offspring are at stake.

The union of two carriers of the sickle cell trait (SS or AS) would only mean that they do not mean well for those coming after them to carry on the continuity of their family tree. People who decide to go ahead with such a union despite medical advice about the risks, stand a chance of having a sickler out of every four of their children. Although Mendel’s principle on genetics base this just on probability, there is still every probability that two or more sicklers could be born or none at all.

What Exactly Is Sickle Cell Anemia?
This is a genetic disorder that affects all sectors of the human race. It still remains a mystery to modern medicine as the solution to this ailment still remains insolvable. Bone marrow transplant, blood transfusion and drugs are just a few breakthroughs. Medicine has been able to treat and control this ailment but there have been no absolute cure.

The ignorance and selfishness of couples who end up getting married despite medical advice leave their children in a sorry state of anguish. Laws should probably be enacted to make potential couples to take medical tests to verify their basic medical state before making their union legal.

Love indeed is powerful and couples should be powerful enough not to make a decision that would jeopardize the health of their offspring. When searching for a perfect partner, a lot must be considered to enjoy not just a perfect romantic relationship but also a healthy relationship.