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Full title: The Green Girl and The Serum

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Author: Sean Armstrong

Language: English

Publication date: 14 Sept. 2021

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Book summaryThe Green Girl and The Serum is the adventures of Stacey Roberts, a young woman who has dreams of the future. That is, until she is injected with a serum transforming her into the Green Girl to be used in warfare by the British Military. She escapes and lives her life on the run. Many years later she is reunited with Ben Fox who, like her, has been injected with the serum.

Reader reviews  

…a complete page turner

By Alex Grigsby

I’m in absolute love. The writing style is so perfect and Stacy is an amazing main character. It is a complete page turner and I haven’t put it down since I got it. I’m actually surprised that this is self published because publishing agencies missed out big time! I can’t wait to read more works!

…the book is packed with brains, brawn and abilities

By Katherine Black

This is the first in a series of books by a new author. Despite working around the additional challenges that cerebral palsy brings, Sean Armstrong has worked really hard on the series of six novels. He’s such a remarkable man and has a great passion for his writing, his disability notwithstanding.

The plot is fast, pacey  and nothing stands still for long. The characterisation is strong as relationships gradually develop, break and reform. The characters are developed, bright and so colourful.

Armstrong has set the seal well on the first book in the series. Aimed at a young adult readership, these books are a must for anyone that loves a good old, unassuming superhero—the book is packed with brains, brawn and abilities.