Checkmating Internet Fraud  by Adefisoye Ifedamola Augustus
Checkmating Internet Fraud by Adefisoye Ifedamola Augustus

Corruption is unquestionably not a replacement development in Federal
Republic of Nigeria. it’s one unwanted characteristic that has attained the
country in unsought high place within the list of most
corrupt countries. Also, fraud has been on a gentle rise, moving from the
traditional ‘419’ to cyber crime with banks being the most important focus
of fraudsters.

In 2011, a complete of two,352 fraud cases involving N28.40 billion with
expected/contingent loss of concerning N4.07 billion was reported by
Deposit cash Banks (DMBs), a rise of fifty 3.5 per cent in 2011 over
the quantity of reported fraud cases of 1,532 in 2010.
However, very much like effective because the power of data technology can
be, the support of data that is sometimes provided by insiders is
indispensable. Hackers don’t simply hack e-mails and different accounts of
people and company bodies, however they hinge their operations on no matter
data they’re ready to extract on the house owners of such accounts.
Internet Fraud is on the increase, as fraudsters and con artists still
realize new ways that to use the web to scam innocent shoppers. web fraud
is widespread attributable to its obscurity, easy promotion, and lack of

Tips to assist Checkmate on-line Fraud
You don’t wish to scare customers off with an excessive amount of
bureaucratic procedure, however you are doing wish to safeguard your
business by establishing some basic fraud bar measures. There’s lots
you’ll do, however confirm you maintain a balance between keeping your
safe and keeping it customer-friendly. And bear in mind – no single
technique can create your business fraud-proof.

This methods can be used in things pertaining to Shipping.
» Use communicating insurance.
» Use package chase services.
» Use a trusty courier that needs the recipient’s signature on delivery.
» Suspend the delivery if you become suspicious of fraud.
» Don’t provide shipping to bad areas
» Don’t ship associate order till further identity and payment
checking is complete
» Validate all the main points of every order.
» Keep records of order statistics thus you’ll build up an image of
typical orders.
» If you’ve known patterns of fraud, confirm alerts area unit triggered
once associate order fits the pattern
» Confirm the client genuinely exists
» Keep records on customers with sensible purchase histories and on
those you’ve had bother with.
» Use a way like AVS (Address Verification System) to form positive
the customer’s physical address is valid.
» Confirm each of the charge and shipping addresses area unit valid,
particularly if they’re totally different
» Keep records of all contact you’ve got with customers
» Use a way like On-line phone books to examine that an equipped number is valid.
» Guarantee any email or internet addresses area unit valid and reputable.
» Ring the client to verify their order
» Create it clear to any or all customers that orders and payments are
attested before shipping.
» Warn customers that their dealings details and their information
processing range (Internet address) are recorded.
» Keep records of client purchases to ascertain their typical shopping for
patterns Credit cards/Mastercard.
» If unsure, elicit associate freelance copy of the customer’s
» Raise the client to fax the front of their Mastercard.
» Keep a record of Mastercard numbers you’ve had issues with or suspicions
concerning within the past.
» determine the card’s supply bank and country of origin and confirm they
match the data you’ve been given by the client.
» Use a way like CVV2, SecureCode or CID (depending on the mastercard
vendor) to assist confirm the cardboard data hasn’t been taken
» decision the supply bank and verify the customer’s details.
With these few tips I think most of this Cyber crimes like Hacking of
the Credit cards and using Fake Credit Cards on most of the Online
Shops can be Curbed.

This is Adefisoye Ifedamola Augustus contribution to Haba Naija business start-up package contest.

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