The Devil Is In The Details

About The Author

LaKeisha LaKay is a social scientist that has studied in the fields of criminal justice, sociology, and law. Having spent a number of years examining human behavior, societal issues, and political policies, she enjoys writing what she knows–especially in storytelling.

LaKeisha LaKay is passionate about community, women, and youth, and often spends time volunteering for causes in these realms. Her other interests include spending time with family and friends, foreign travel, and a spectrum of arts and crafts.

Author’s interview

Question 1: Pitch your books to us (maximum of 100 words).  

The Devil is in the Details is a suspense/crime thriller in which two Miami detectives must rise above their differences to halt a sadistic sex offender. Detective Cambell is a former FBI special agent, and Detective Russell is accustomed to working alone—indeed the makings of an explosive end when they are forced to work together, particularly when their hot-temperaments, egos, and pride are in a race against time.

The devil is in the details is an idiom that refers to a mysterious element hidden in the details that will take more time and effort to discover than expected.

Question 2: What inspired you to write your book?  

I am social scientist who reads an immense amount of non-fiction literature for my discipline. I also possess a love for all entertainment in the realm of thriller/suspense/mystery. Often, I find it difficult to free my mind and relax my brain in a challenging but thrilling read. So, I typically turn to classic literature for my reading entertainment. I started writing, and wrote the current published work, to offer readers like myself an engaging read that was not only thought provoking, but loosely educational. I love learning, I love reading, and I love being entertained. When the three are combined I am in paradise.

Question 3: Who is your book for? 

Any reader that enjoys reading literature among the following genres: crime, thriller, suspense, mystery, betrayal, detectives, police, and law enforcement.

Question 4: What do you hope the book will achieve?

Despite having a number of televisions in my home as a child, I did not watch a lot of television. Instead, my siblings and I were either outside playing, participating in some extracurricular activity, or reading a book. There were quite a few books in my home, and we all had library cards so there was never a shortage of adventures. With all this mentioned, reading was, is, and will forever be enjoyable for me. I desire to share that similar joy with readers with this book and many other books to come.

Question 5: Where can potential readers buy or download your book? 


Question 6: Are you a first time author or have you written other books you want to tell us about?  

I have written other works, but this is my first published novel.

Question 7: Who is/are your favourite authors of all time? 

I enjoy reading suspense and crime thrillers. (Although I do not have a current favorite author, I did enjoy reading R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street” series as a child.  His series were the perfect balance of mystery and suspense that I sought as a young reader; they definitely encouraged my reading habit.)

Question 8: Writing a book is a significant achievement. Do you have any tips for people who may want to write a book?  

Write what you love or what you have the greatest interest in. To follow the advice to write what is trending will make the writing process less enjoyable. So, stay to true to your craft and your passion–this will not only ensure that your manuscript will be completed, but your readers will ultimately receive the authentic you. 

Question 9: Are you working on another project people should look out for in the future?   

Yes, I am currently working on my second novel that is slated for release the end of the year 2022 or the beginning of the year 2023. True to my professional discipline, this manuscript will also be among law enforcement/judicial system realm; and true to my passion, it will be another crime thriller.

Question 10: How can a fan of your work connect with you? 

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