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Poets and writers, you are invited to take part in this productive distraction, we call The Christmas Verses Challenge.  The object of the challenge is to write a Christmas verse that will go on a Christmas Card.  The verses will be donated to the Hope Spring Water Charity eCard.  

Hope Spring uses its eCards website to raise money to fund clean water wells and boreholes’  projects in Africa.  We all know the typical greeting that comes on most Christmas cards. From the very banal “Merry Christmas” to  long-winded greetings that are not that exciting.

We challenge you to come up with new, fresh and exciting Christmas verses that could go on a new Hope Spring Christmas card.  

Here is more information about The Christmas Verses Challenge:

The Challenge

  • Write unique verses that are different to the traditional Christmas verses or greetings.
  • Use any style you like, including Haiku.
  • The verses should not exceed 10 lines.
  • Accompanying your verses with audio or video reading of the verses will give you a big advantage.

Winning and remuneration

  • The winning verses would be awarded a cash prize of £100 (approx $124).
  • Winner will be chosen by a 3-member panel of judges.
  • Winner will be announced on the 20th of December 2021

Terms and conditions

  • By submitting an entry into the competition, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Decision of the panel of judges is final and binding.
  • Should you win the competition, you agree to donate copyright to the work to Hope Spring Water Charity.
  • You agree that the sponsor of the competition, may use your entry into the competition for promotional purposes.



This contest is sponsored by:, to support the good work done by Hope Spring Water Charity.