Contributing to TX Stock Photos is a free and easy way to earn money! To get started, click here. You must thoroughly read the terms and conditions, and ensure you have understood them. Sign up as a seller, and you can begin!


  • Own or have authorization to all the rights of all the elements in your images (people, property, products etcetera)
  • Be the author and copyright holder of all your uploads.

Depending on your rank, you will receive either 40%, 50% or 60% of the sale price. All users automatically become Silver ranked, meaning 50% is paid. Exceptional service results in the transition to a Gold user, where you will earn 60%, however, certain issues that may arise in a minority of cases can lead to demotion to a Bronze user.

The customer may print a royalty free file an unlimited amount of times for personal use. An extended licence image can be used in magazines, calendars, T-shirts or adverts, where the image will be reproduced multiple times. A guide to licenses can be found here.

Pricing Disclaimer:

If TX Stock Photos becomes aware that images submitted to TX Stock Photos are being sold on another website at a lower price, TX Stock Photos reserves the right to remove the image, ban, suspend or demote the user, or lower the price of the image as it sees fit.

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