Avoiding & Solving Relationship Problems
Avoiding & Solving Relationship Problems

Relationship problems do not necessarily have to be with your lover alone, it could be with family members, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors. Whatever situation an individual finds his or herself, there are first hand actions to take so as to prevent dis-harmony in friendships and prevent relationships from getting sour any further. There are basics steps to improve relationships and they are:

Always show gestures of kindness:
Be cheerful , smile and learn to greet others before others think of saying hello.
Learn to acknowledge people by telling them how good they are and encourage them in whatever situation or predicament they find themselves.

Be A Good Listener:
Learn to take people seriously. Listen to whatever they have to say to you no matter how insignificant it might be. This is a sign of respect and these individuals would learn to give their respect in return .

Learn To Forgive:
Lots of people do not care about the amount of pain they cause to people just by what they say or do. If you are a victim of such circumstance, be at peace with them and forgive. Most of all never react to such individuals. Your silence speaks a lot for you.

Never Be A Fan Of Insults and Curses: Words:
Never condemn any individual just to feel good. This are signs of hate and inferiority complex. It is okay and very human to be angry but what you do in such circumstance matters a lot. Best advice is to walk away from the scene of a fight and misunderstanding.

Learn To Negotiate with others:
Never try to demand or take things from people forcefully , they have a right also. Always negotiate problems and collectively seek solutions. This generally builds understanding in relationships and you will always be viewed as a liberal and neutral individual.

Build A Foundation Of Trust
Never make promises you can never keep or people will loose trust and confidence in you. Try to keep promises as equally as you able to make them.
It makes you trust worthy and creates a very healthy relationship with others.

Encourage Communication And Understanding:
Communication is very vital in every kind of relationship. Lack of communication leads to friendship falling down through the cliff. Let’s people know what your values and principles are and learn to understand and respect theirs also.

Avoid Arguments As Much As Possible:
Never try to prove your point with argument it is totally useless to argue and the aftermath is always regrettable. Arguments are clear signs of immaturity and insecurities about ones personality.

Most of all always be positive and think positively towards yourself and others. Your communication should always be moderate and never reveal much about your personal life to people.
We all make mistakes in life, but when ever you do, always let go of pride, admit it and get you life back on course.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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