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Table Eggs Production
Table Eggs Production

The rearing of pullets i.e chicks meant for egg production from day old is basically the same with broilers production The only difference is that pullets takes up to17- 20wks to mature vaccination against fowl pox and new castle disease should be repeated at 16wks of age. The pullets should be put inside cage between the age of 16 7& 20wks.
The cage system of egg production is preferred to the deep litters system in cage system the incidence of disease such as coccidiosis is drastically reduce The feeding programme of pullet is as follows:
Day1- 6wks feed on chicks mash
6wks – 17wks feed on grower mash
17wks on feeds on layer mash
The pullet come in to lay from 18wks to 20wks the cost of producing a bird, broiler or pullet from day old is estimated to the 1,000 per bird. Excluding the cost of housing.
The cost of housing varies depending on the sophistication and the life span of the material used for the house the various types of houses of different sophistication can be showed in the pictures attached

At regular interval for about three months layer should be deworm and delice. i.e use worm expeller and lice expellers regularly.
The cost of one crate of egg is N 700 at Mushin market. A layer is supposed to lay minimum of 240 eggs in a year. This in equivalent to 8 crates in a year This mean N 2,500. Each bird will give a net profit of N 3,000 per year
Limitations:- poultry is a lucrative business but should not be done in proxy. The poultry farmers should be in attendance all the time if possible.
The farmer should be observant to check the performance and activities of the birds the farmers should look for the possible cause and find solution to its immediately.
He should always observe the faces of the birds. Any strange colouration like greenish colour or blood stain in the faces denotes, the onset of disease and the attention of a veterinary officer should be sought immediately.
Poultry house does not welcome visitors. The farmers should limit the visitors to the admin ports of the farm. They should not be close to the operation and per areas.

By elyjay

Elyjay (Adams Odurinde) was born into farming at Mushin, Lagos State. His experience in poultry starts in 1966 at the very plot that is now number 64 Ladipo Street, Mushin. ElyJay's exposure to farming at a very early age started his deep passion for farming, which was nurtured when he study Tropical agriculture at Lagos State Polytechnic. Still actively engaged in farming, his hobbies includes reading and writing hence the blogging about farming for Haba Naija.

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  1. Pls, am planning to set up a poultry farm latest in april dis year(2013), n as a matter of fact work has fully commensd in d proposd site for d venture. So i wld lyk to knw, on d completion of d structure(poultry house), where do i get a day old chicks, ie pullets besically for egg production?

  2. Not at all, rather i live in Awka, Anambra state capital. So is there any place u knw i can get d chicks within Anambra or even neighbouring Enugu state?

  3. I am in the process of setting up a farm for the production of table eggs. Am aware that their was a glut in the market last year, is the glut over. Then as a farmer which parts of Nigeria has the greatest denand for egg and pay the best price

  4. The glut is a yearly occurrence only the sales slow down there is no drop in price. I t picks up after Easter and becomes hot cake when new yam gets to the market. The state capitals and urban areas has good price for eggs.

  5. Kindly furnish me with clues on what it takes as in a feasibility study to establish a minimum of one thousand pullets for egg production.

  6. Kindly furnish me with clues on what it takes as in a feasibility studies(basic requirements) to establish a poultry of one thousand pullets (minimum) for egg production. Thanks

  7. Adams, on your calculation for the number of eggs produced per year are you using 12months or 18 months i learn that if your birds are raised well you can achieve an 18 months active production. you also did not mention the sales of the old layers at the end of their production period. this should make the profit m,ore than N3,000.00 ill also like to have a cashflow projection for raising broilers

  8. My article is not experimental but true report of what obtains on the farm. One layer should produce at least 240 eggs in twelve months. You can allow them to lay for 18 month or more but the number of eggs will reduce after 18 months. Economically you should sell them out by this time, but target a festival period for the sales. Also you must have started rearing the replacement pullets like 16 weeks before the projected time of sales, so there will be no dry period in your production chart and you will not loose customers for lack of eggs after selling the old stock.

  9. Very nice and informative blog. Poultry farming is absolutely a lucrative business. I

    always search for this types of news and blog post related to poultry birds and poultry

    farming business. Really enjoyed your website writing.

  10. Kindly furnish me with your email address, so we can discuss further about poultry business, and some of the issues you raised above. Thanks.

  11. thanks, ur post is informative and innovative …!, kip it up!

  12. Pls kindly let me know the most likely challenges on this poultry business and if u can send me email regularly on how to start the biz. Thanks

  13. Very good blog and imformative, i have been try to lay my hand on manuels for poultry farming for a long time. Pls can you give me an extimated amount for some one to start a poultry farm, particularly egg layers. Thanks

  14. I just start de business,p
    ls how do i administere fowl nd ncastle vaccine

  15. I have started my farm, but one great challenge is waste disposal any advice

  16. I take it you are rearing layers, what state are they at the moment, are they laying? What method are you using, are the birds in a cage or free range?

  17. Your write up is very educative. I actually want to start a small poultry farming and I have gotten some salient info from your write up. I need following information please. Which type is better – free range or cage system? Where could I get the day old to start up in osun state? Staffing/manpower to start up? Your advice is required.

  18. The cost of raising pullets from day old to point of lay is approximately 800 Naira per bird. The cost of constructing the poultry house and cages is a matter of your own choice. You can construct low cost poultry house and buy locally manufactured cages which is cheaper or if there is enough money you can buy imported cages i

  19. You are correct they can lay actively for 18 months. My calculation is based on 12 months. The proceeds from the sales of old layers should be reinvested on replacement pullets to continue in business. So we can not actually calculate it with the ptofit.

  20. Visit the nearest state veterinary department to you. You will buy the vaccine there and they are suppose to follow you to administer it but give them some aids in terms of transport to quicken their response. Also make friend with some of them to be paying you regular visit.

  21. The waste is additional profit for you don’t miss it. Find vegetable farmers in your area and sell it to them. You can process it to organic manure bag and sell at higher price. I am sure vegetable farmers will not let go if they know you have poultry manure. It is the best of all organic frtilizers.

  22. You can get day old chicks from Chi Farm in Ibadan along Lagos Ibadan expressway, you can get from Amo Farms jn Awe near Oyo alaafin.
    Cage system is better for serious poultry business.

  23. Your blog is very educative…is zartech and obasanjo’s farm reliable?….pls what strategy can I device to sell birds are currently 18wks but I don’t know what means to deploy in order to sell the eggs when they start laying

  24. Both farms Obasanjo and Zatiek are good. To sell eggs start with the egg dealers near you. If they can not exhaust your stock advance to the nearest local market, if you still have surplus approach egg dealers in abattoir market in Oko oba Agege.

  25. Sir, presently I have 500 broilers, which i am preparing to sell by xmas and new year to raise money for me to enter into layer by next year, Please, can you give me information on how many bags of feed can the 1500 birds consume on each day starting from a day old chick, and drugs to administer to them on a every different stage and the cost of them. Also sir, i plan using free range housing instead of cage those it have any negative effect to there health or size of the egg.

  26. pleasesend me yourcontact may be we can work hand in hand…..I work for standard farms in ilorin.

  27. Pls, I want to start poultry @ d back of my house, where can I get layers @ d point of lay & cage dat can take like 100 birds. what is d cost of bird & cage. what can I put in so dat d place will nt b smellin.

  28. Good one.if u raised a bird till pol for #1000 and u want to sell as pol,how much are u going to sell?knowing fully that pol is sold between 1000 to 1100

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    thank you in anticipation

  30. the business plan should be poultry production for both layers and broilers and feed production

  31. Pls I live in abuja can u give me d name of a good hatcheries n their marketers numbers I want to start a poultry farm of layers n broulers

  32. hi how much does layers at the point of lay cost and where can I purchase them in Lagos state

  33. Pls do u have a contact in abuja? I would like to purchase Pullets. Keep up the good work.


  34. Pls I want to start a poultry of 2000 pullets, pls can you give me a chart of their medications? Tanx

  35. This is a nice write up..i jst want to know if their is any disastrous making use of the deep litter system to the cage systemm

  36. Great write up – your farming heritage does really show through here – any thoughts on feed formulation? Native alternatives that can be added to poultry feed?

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