The security of the information of social media users by the different social media, have come into questioning in recent times with the information of users which are meant to be private being leaked to the public. This has lead to some people deactivating their different social media accounts as some people just can’t take it anymore.

But the truth is you can still be safe while online and not have your information leaked. How can you ensure maximum privacy for social media account?

The obvious way is, don’t give out any information you don’t want anyone to know about.

Be careful about comments and updates/tweets you make on the social media, some employers go to the social media pages of people they intend to employ to see what kind of person they are, the last thing you want is to have made a disrespectful comment about your employer to be.

Some social networks give you the choice of who you want to see your updates, there are options of allowing the general public to see your updates or only your trusted friends, you select the one that suits you.

Only allow trusted apps to access your profile, as applications have been known to steal and give away your information to third parties, review your social media app that you have granted access to your profile and disable the ones you don’t find useful.

We all often get friend requests from people we have never known and some people just accept them to gain more friends, this is wrong, do not accept any friend request of which you do not know the person sending it.

Sharing of pictures, our ladies are mostly guilty of this, they share so many of their pictures that are not meant to be seen by the public, if you are guilty of this, try and restrict your self, as in the wrong hands those pictures could bring you problem if not now, but in future.

Take steps to protect your online privacy, what i mean is, get good computer security includes installing
reputable anti-spyware, anti-virus scanners and firewall software. Keep these security tools up to date.
Make sure you are visiting secure web sites before handing over personal information such as banking and credit card details.

The bitter truth is, no ones information is 100% safe online, but a well protected account would prove difficult to steal information from.

By Haba Naija Admin

Temi Odurinde worked in domain name registration and web hosting industry for many years before becoming a web entrepreneur. He is passionate about web and mobile technologies. Temi contribute mainly to Haba Naija Internet and Technology sections. He has a BSc in Computing and Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Internet Technologies. Outside work, he love Oral Storytelling, long distance running and playing Volleyball.

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  1. I think the young people who put loads and loads of stuff about themselves online need to be aware of the fact that its now very good. Putting too much stuff on your social media page can come back and bite you at a later date.

  2. The only way you can protect your privacy online is joining private social networks.

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