There is this common problem of the in ability to predict when it will rain and when it won’t. Sometimes, the weather gets so cloudy and breeze like it is going to rain and when you just prepared for it, the weather clears out and sometimes the sun is high bright in the sky and all of a sudden the rain starts. But now, this smart umbrella that predicts rainfall will permanently solve this problem for you since it can better predict the chances if it’s going to rain or not.


Designed by French company Wezzoo, the rainbow-colored Oombrella comes in two versions – classic and modern. The classic is 3.1-ft long with a curved handle, while the modern version is 0.8-ft long with a straight handle. The company describes the device as a ‘portable weather station’, made of a reflective surface with built-in sensors that record real-time data such as light, humidity, pressure, and temperature. The Oombrella collects and processes this data as well as information from a social media community before sending out alerts about when it’s going to start raining.


Interestingly, this device has the ability to accumulate data regarding the weather, information about humidity, temperature, and light intensity. Moreover, a screw on top of the umbrella allows you to attach a GoPro camera and any other device.

Its Kevlar made exteriorly is adequately strong enough for withstanding severe storms, even fierce hailstorms. Moreover, its UV resistant canopy will protect your delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

oomm umbrella

And if the user happens to accidentally forget it at home on a potentially rainy day, or leaves it in a restaurant, similar alerts will be sent out using GPS technology to make sure you don’t lose it. “We wanted to make this umbrella unforgettable in terms of design, too,” explains Alexandre, of Escabo design studio. “We developed an exclusive material. It makes you feel you are holding an aurora borealis in your hands. It has effects that are amazing with the light and always changing. It really makes the Oombrella special.” The ‘capsule’ that integrates all the technology, making the umbrella smart, is located in the handle.


According to a company spokesperson, it will retail at €79 ($86). For those who are rather attached to their current umbrellas, the company will also release an ‘Oombrella capsule’ that can convert any umbrella into a smart device. Now, if only it could make us fly like Mary Poppins!