ShortcomingS - A Film by Leonard Oguntade

ShortcomingS – A Film by Leonard Oguntade

ShortcomingS is a series of short films by Hertfordshire based filmmaker, Leonard Oguntade. The film explores the relationship of a young couple, as the navigate everyday issue such as doing the dishes, searching for a good answer to a simple questions like “why do you have loads of interracial porn on your tablet computer?”

ShortcomingS Part 1 – Watch it free on YouTube

ShortcomingS part 1 started with a woman on her sofa watching a pornographic film on a table computer. As it turned out, the tablet computer belonged to her boyfriend, who was doing the dishes in the kitchen. She went to the kitchen, praised her boyfriend for doing the dishes and asked him about the porn films on his tablet computer.
The guy had a brilliant explanation for the pornographic films; ‘he had them before they met but now that he is in a relationship, he has not need for them. The explanation seemed to satisfy the girlfriend, what she was not too sure about was the reason why all the porn films starred black men and white women.
This is where the dictum “if you are in a hole, you should stop digging” would have come in handy for the guy, as his explanation seemed to make matters worse. Explanations for the interracial aspect of the type of porn the man prefers, could not be explained without implying that he prefers sex with white women, while he is with a black woman.

ShortcomingS Part 2 – Watch it on YouTube

It was fantastic to receive notification that the second installment of ShortcomingS is online. I quickly visited the film’s page on YouTube, to continue watching the characters played by Eshe Asante & Nii Odartei Evans. The fact that I had to resort to the actors real names reminded me that the characters in the film had no names. However that did not spoil my enjoyment of the film, as I continued to enjoy common issues in relationships being dramatised.

ShotcomingS part two started with the woman getting into some sexy outfit to titillate her boyfriend. She came to the living room to invite him to bed, without pausing from what he was watching on his tablet computer, he told her he would join her in bed in about 45 minutes. When he eventually joined her in bed, she was not in the mood any more. This seemed to lead to an argument, which ended up in him going back to the living room, back to his tablet computer and you guessed what he is watching right: interracial porn.