best SEO and social media 2020
best SEO and social media 2020
best SEO and social media 2020

Welcome to the best social media and SEO in Nigeria for the month of March. If this is your first time of reading our monthly SEO and social media blog, you have some catching up to do. You can do that by reading our February post, which can be found here.

Nigerian Centre for Diseas Control

Nigerian Centre for Diseas Control
Nigerian Centre for Diseas Control

Almost every area of life was dominated by the Covid-19 outbreak, which reflected in all the output on search engines and social media. The hotted Twitter handle in Nigeria during this period was that of Jabi, Abuja based Nigerian Centre for Disease Control. They are the authoritative organisation for anything Covid-19, and of course other diseases. You may want to follow them on Twitter:

. If you prefer Facebook, their Facebook page is here:

Aproko Doctor

Aproko Doctor is one of the most famous influencers in the Nigeria twitter space. A medical practitioner by profession and founder of@DHealthyThreads, uses his twitter handle to educate Nigerians on day-to-day importance, yet so much neglected health issues and acts that affect people’s health. The much followed twitter influencer tweets on varieties of health issues like
Menstrual health
Sex life
Mental health e.t.c

Read more about him on his twitter handle and Youtube page.
Aproko Doctor™ (@aproko_doctor)

Founder of @DHealthyThreads//
Celebrity Champion for @YNCSD//
Expert communicator//Actor//
Trusted voice.
Media and Medicine.

Tobi Asehinde

Popularly known as “Tobi” is a passionate entrepreneur, a guru, and authority in the world of digital marketing. He is the founder of Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Digital Marketing Giant and Find Digital Tools.

Without a doubt, as far as Nigeria is concerned, he is one of the best in the digital marketing Industry. A highly sought after Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, both locally and internationally.

He was the Web Consultant to Lagos Eko Project, a joint initiative of the World Bank and Lagos State Government. Also a committee member at the Nigeria-Britain Association and the Digital Communication Adviser of both the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce and the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce.


Broadly speaking there are two types of brands in the Nigerian social media space, accounts that deliver entertainment, and those that deliver swift trending news and information to a wide range of users.

TheCommentsection(TCS) easily falls into both categories of brands. It is indeed one of the brands to reckon with when it comes to entertainment on the Nigeria Instagram space.

TheCommentsection uses images, videos, and screenshots to tell fantastic stories and day-to-day news of celebrities, politics, tweets, and developments in both Nigeria and the diaspora.

Indeed, one of the series of factors that makes the widely viewed Instagram page unique is how it delivers interesting information and trending debate in a spectacular way that captures readers’ minds. It is indeed  a space many Nigerians at home and in diaspora look forward to in terms of trending topics and development.



is a product of Nairabarter is an online platform for daily updates and information on how the Nigerian Naira is performing against other currencies and across multiple exchange markets locally or globally. 

If you ever want to know how the Nigerian Naira is performing today against other popular currencies in the world such as the US Dollar, Pounds, Euro, Cedi, Rand and many more, Nairabarter gives you detailed breakdown and analysis of how the Naira is performing on an hourly basis.

The website is one of the most trusted in terms of information on the value of the naira in the global market.

Dr Dipo Awojide

Dr. Dipo Awojide is a personality almost every Nigeria youth takes dearly on the twitter app. He is one of the twitter handles that takes a genuine interest in the future aspirations of young people.

A public influencer by excellence is a very active voice on social media where it has a very strong and huge fellowship. He uses his significant fellowship on twitter to pass ideas and help in opinion gauging.

Dr. Dipo takes an interest in the development of young people, teams, and organizations. He has mentored well over 500 young people from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Russia, India, China, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa e.t.c.

Dipo Awojide is the first Nigerian to be honored as a Linkedin Top Voice. He is currently a senior lecturer in Strategy at Nottingham Business School. He is also the founder of BTDT Hub where they Inspire and Empower Young Professionals to fulfill their potential.


By Haba Naija Contributor

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