Send Free Valentine's Day eCard
Send Free Valentine's Day eCard
Send Free Valentine’s Day eCard

Yes it is that time of the year again; 14th of February 2020, Valentine’s Day card sending time. Why not send a Valentine’s day greeting ecard to your loved one, instead of a paper card? You can send a Haba Naija Valentine’s day free ecard to anyone in Nigeria, or even abroad, all you need is the person’s email address.

Ecards have several advantages over paper card. You cannot get a paper card free of charge, but you can get Haba Naija Valentine’s Day and other ecards free of charge.

10 Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day 2020 in Nigeria

  1. Men spend at least twice more on Valentine’s day cards and gifts, than women in Nigeria and other places.
  2. Men with undeclared crush on women, often send unsigned Valentines card card.
  3. Valentine’s day has been broadened to include appreciation of important people in our lives. Teachers and parents receive a lot of valentine’s day cards. Some people even send their pets Valentine’s day greetings.
  4. The device lovers spend a lot of time on, talking to or messaging each other; the telephone. Was patented on Valentine’s Day, February the 14th 1876 by Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell.
  5. One of England’s past kings, who was an incurable romantic Henry V11 declared February the 14 a public holiday.
  6. The origins of Valentine’s day are not completely clear. One of the legends about its origin says Roman emperor, Claudius II did not want Roman men to get married during wars. A Bishop named Valentine, continued to marry couples who wanted to get married, in defiance of the emperor’s law. Claudius found out that the Bishop is defying his law, and he had him executed.
  7. Giving what Valentine’s day symbolises, it is not a great surprise that condom sale is said to increase by up to 30% in Nigeria and other parts of the world where Valentine’s day is celebrated.
  8. Valentine’s day today is a pretty big commercial operation. Billions of naira is spent by Nigerians, mostly men on valentine’s day, on gifts, cards and things. One of the earliest company to catch on to the commercial potentials of Valentine’s day was Cadbury’s. More than one hundred years ago, in 1868 produced a heart-shapped chocolate especially for Valentine’s day.
  9. An alternative to Valentine’s Day that has gained momentum in recent years, is Singles Awareness Day (SAD). People who are happy with being single, or not so happy about it can commemorate SAD day, while other are celebrating Valentine’s day.
  10. Hundreds of years after William Shakespeare wrote the romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. The city where the play was set, Verona in Italy, receives over one thousand letters, addressed to Juliet.
  11. In Finland, Valentine’s day is not just for lover or love themed. It is called Friends day. They celebrate friendship, which could of course include romantic kind of friendship.


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