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Obafemi Awolowo University

While I had carefully digested all the press release in respect to the lastest sex scandal involving the so much called “Almighty Mr Bisi Olaleye” and Motunrayo Afolayan, a final year student of the department of International relations Obafemi Awolowo University, also, based on the fact that i once sat, in series of lecture halls where Mr Bisi taught different courses in department of international relations, i felt it is fundamentally essential to express my unapologetic and unbiased opinion about the so much trending issue.

For so many of us who studied either,history and International Relations or international relations at Obafemi Awolowo University, Mr Bisi Olaleye as far as concerned is not an “unknown element to a farmer in his own farm”.

Mr Bisi was a very intelligent, highly spirited, brilliant teacher who controls the crowd with is deep guttural voice and motivational gestures. When its comes to impacting knowledge, Mr Bisi was a guru. you seldom see a student doze-off when he lectures as he sights relevant and thought provoking examples.

Bisi was good at what he does, especially with courses like Diplomacy in International relations, Law of nations. He was a fine, charming lecturer, with a very big, always sparkling head so much that you could see yourself vividly if his head is to serve as a mirror. A very clean well dressed mostly designer styles of clothes and shoes. A heavy kind of man who sweats profusely when in-charge of lectures podium.

Apart from his formal office, located at the center of the department of international relations, he has another office called “The New Buker” where he juggles his beer and round up meetings with his spies, who serves as his ears or rather put, informant in every set, or class.

At least for my class, I know one or two who had generously took up the appointment and trust me, you cannot afford to be in their black book, cause if you’re unfortunate enough to be reported, you will automatically eat in the same bowl with the devil.

Also, in public, you mind whatsoever you say, cause the so-called informant were so dedicated to take a recording or video of you while you unconsciously rattle your mouth about Bisi, who in turn brings the evidence to the class to penalize anyone found guilty.

This is not an exaggeration. It is a fact i can confirm personally.

Truth be told, Bisi was a very notorious bad man! When he says you’re doomed! Believe me, even if trumpets sounds at that particular moment, he would still manifest his promise  before he finally threads into what road accorded to him after his heavenly judgement.

If “judgement day” is true anyways. The guy was so resolute to his decisions so much that you can never predict his actions.

However, when they say lecturer stands “loco parentis” it really means that such a lecturer stands as a guardian to a student, and based on Nigeria Universities laws, some lecturers stands “loco parentis” to students. Such lecturer should not be found guilty molesting or attempting to molest a supposed ward under his/her caprice.

In my unapologetic opinion, some things really needs to the queried, while we continue to castigate the sets of lecturers who easily falls into this category of lecturers “without dignity”, we need to critically review and analyse the activities, moves, words, actions of the so-called female students victimized by these so-called lecturers.

It is a fact that there’s a collection of beauty with brains in every University. these collection of female student  graduated with good grades and doing well in their various life endeavors. These set of female students do not really need to have encounters with their lecturers. This is due to the fact they have fulfilled their own part of the contract (studied well, attend classes, participate in C.A and exams).

Nonetheless, most female students victimized should be questioned, most often, it is always very hard for lecturers to victimize female students that knows their purpose in school. Do not quote me wrong, I am not saying intelligent female students do not fall victim of victimization, many have fallen casualty of such  unfortunate occurrence. But also, we should be cognizant of the fact that in the Nigerian university examination law, a student have the fundamental right to call for his/her papers if the student sense any form of unjust or biased marking or grading from a lecturer or examiner.

However, there are other categories of students who do not focus on their major purpose while in school. Neglecting the major assignment they came to achieve. How do you judge a student who slept for more than 45 minutes in an exam of two hours and thirty minutes? Certainly such student was busy pepper souping, clubbing, or having christian choir rehearsals when her mates were busy preparing for exams. What sort of miracle do you expect from such exam result ? what will be your opinion of students who instead of focusing on his/her purpose in school, gallivants around lecturers office and corridors.

With some specific exceptions, research as shown that “most” students that fell victim of lecturers victimization had initially threaded the paths of failure. It is only when they helped themselves to the final stage of failure they knock lecturers office for favor. And what does one expect from a hungry lion that wants to devour?

These categories of student would later line up at lecturers office begging for a miracle on their results. “When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”.

While many have said that, Mr Bisi had eaten more than he could chew, he took more than the owner could ignore, there’s a need for us to check the activities of the female students that are victimized.

But we hope this will be a great lesson to those lecturers who still indulge in such a decadent and irresponsible attitude.

In the meantime, while we calmly awaits the final verdict of the panel in charge of the case, kindly leave a comment of your own view of the incidence, and also if your have a similar experience, we’ll appreciate you share with us.