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About The Author

I am Born to Write. I started writing articles for a now defunct newspaper called Eastern Insider. I then began writing for DesiBlitz.com which is how I built a following. Currently I am doing my Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Creative Writing through Coventry University.

Author’s interview

Question 1: Pitch your books to use (maximum of 100 words).

This is a collection of poetry which tells the story of how a relationship

blossoms but then ends with feelings being left unresolved

Question 2: What inspired you to write your book?

My feelings of unrequited love towards who I believe is my soulmate

Question 3: Who is your book for?

My book is for anyone who may be heartbroken, or breaking hearts because I

believe anyone can resonate with at least one poem.

Question 4: What do you hope the book will achieve?

I hope the book is successful and gets good reviews. But when I was writing these

poems, I wasn’t writing to produce a book. It was more as a form of therapy for

myself. I found it cathartic and I’m hoping it will help me get over the one I love.

Question 5: Where can potential readers buy or download your book?

Currently my book is available on amazon.co.uk, and amazon.com

If you have kindle unlimited its currently free to read. Here is the link


Question 6: Are you a first time author or have you written other books

you want to tell us about?

I am a first time author but I have taken part in various anthologies mostly

based in India. I didn’t expect my first book to be a book of poetry at all

Question 7: Who is/are your favourite authors of all time?

I have so many favourites. Right now I’m reading a lot of Kathy Reichs. I do

prefer to read crime fiction novels. I also like Agatha Christie, James

Patterson and Angela Marsons. Minette Walters is also a favourite.

Question 8: Writing a book is a significant achievement. Do you have

any tips for people who may want to write a book?

I’d say keep writing. If you have a random idea that you think you could

develop, make a note. Don’t restrict yourself to one genre either. I never

expected to have a book of poetry but this is my first book. I’m getting

feedback from readers on social media. Don’t restrict yourself. Try your hand

at anything and everything. Don’t doubt your skill.

Question 9: Are you working on another project people should look out

for in the future?

Actually I’m in the process of having another collection of poetry coming out.

This time its through a publisher, rather than independent.

I’m also currently writing a children’s book and I’m also doing a Sci-fi novel

with a friend.

Question 10: How can a fan of your work connect with you?

You can visit my website at www.farmancreates.com

My Twitter is @SNFarman

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/SumeraFarmanWriter

My Instagram is @farmancreates

My LinkedIn is www.linkedin.com/in/FarmanCreates

I use Instagram the most.