I f you have an outstanding image, you can always print it and hang it up on a wall in a frame, but this can also be mimicked in photoshop elements. In this tutorial I will explain how to extend the canvas of the image, and add a border, and create the effect of a frame.

  1. Open the image in photoshop elements
  2. Press Z and right click, and select fit on screen
  3. Go to image – resize – canvas size.
  4. Change canvas extension colour to white, and change theĀ  measurment units from cm to percent. Change both the height and width to your desired percentage. For .the image in this article I used 140%.
  5. Open layers palette and duplicate background
  6. Bring up the tool box by going to window – tools and selecting marquee tool.
  7. Draw a slight border around the image, but not round the canvas. Ctrl+J to copy and float the selected area in a new layer.
  8. Window – effects to summon the effects palette. Now we are creating the frames matte, a pice of card with a hole in that gives a distinct effect to the frame. Select layer effects then choose bevels from the drop down menu.
  9. Select simple sharp pillow emboss.
  10. Ctrl+A and then select – save selection
  11. Ctrl+D to deselect. Go up to image – resize – canvas size and extend the canvas again to give space for the border. Use 110% for width and height.
  12. Select – load selection to add the earlier saved selection, and click invert.
  13. Bring the tools window up again and select paint bucket tool, opacity 100% and choose frame colour, then fill the selection with the desired colour.
  14. The 2D frame looks very flat, so we need to add our 3D effect by going to window – effects then choosing drop shadows from the drop down menu. Select soft edge. You may get a warning message, but just click OK and fine tune it using the palette that comes up when clicking the fx by the layer icon. Fine tune to make more noticeable.
  15. Ctrl+D to deselect, and you have a beautiful image with a stunning frame!!