Page 36 Nollywood Movie

Page 36 Nollywood Movie

This is a 2013 Nollywood USA movie which was screen played by Don Okolo, Directed by Don okolo and Chris Ulasi, Produced by Don Okolo, Chris Ulasi and Nkem DenChukwu.

The movie features talented actors and actresses such as;

•Perez Egbi as Dr. Sango
•Rosalyn Bertrand as Sosa
•Merlisa as Determined
•Langellier as Marisa
•Queen Tane as Ginger
•Erica Patterson as Kaka
•George Ukomadu as James
•J.D. Laguerre as Alhaji Banka
•Chioma Irothume as Sajay Banka

The movie is has a unique story line that centers around the awkard life of Dr Sango played by Perez Egbi who is addicted to sex and a wealthy man among his contemporaries. He is a man with a fake show of charm . In fact he is a bad man. He invites the six most powerful couples in the country to play a dangerous game called Page 36 at which the winner is rewarded $200,000.

This game must be played to win or die trying, as Dr Sango puts it. Couples who loved one another end up as double-crossing betrayals and blackmailers as the game takes a full toll on them.

The movie zooms its focus around Dr Sango, a man who is not serious, not funny and totally unpredictable with his cunning. He has such an unorthodox philosophy toward life as a whole that the even only play mate he has is Marisa played by Langellier, a woman with a cold heart.

Dr Sango is not insane but on a quest for revenge on what was taken from him in the past, as he haunts the lives of his guests till they pay back , not with money, but with their very own precious lives.

This film is bound not to leave the hearts and minds of viewers and Nollywood fans very soon. It would stick to their lips like glue. Nollywood is getting to the top of the ladder with such an ingenious screenplay and production. A classic movie with an impressive sound track. The movie depicts reality about what manner of world we live in.