Nollywood Movie - Mr and Mrs

Nollywood Movie – Mr and Mrs

This is a very fascinating movie, screen played by Chinwe Egwuagu, directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka and produced by Chinwe Egwuagu. This movie has also been rated as one of the best movies of the decade by Nollywood Critics.

The movie stars;
•Joseph Benjamin
•Nse Ikpe Etim
•Barbara Soky
•Thelma Okodua
•Paul Apel
•Chioma Nwosu

It details the scandalous lives of two outwardly responsible looking families that are close to each other but their secret desires deep down is a dirty game of seduction, sexual scandals ,lies and profane love.

Kevin, played by Joseph Benjamin is married to Susan played by Nse Ikpe Etim . Their marriage isn’t a bed of roses as Susan who happens to be a house wife has done everything to satisfy her husband but isn’t getting the required kudos. Kevin is always nagging about her imperfection from the food she cooks to how she organizes the house. He pays the bills so he requires total perfection from Susan.

In a quiet similar story, their family friend Charles and his wife who is a Business executive, is never home to attend to domestic issues so he is constantly left with Kate their house maide, to take care of him. Kevin is obviously not happy with his wife’s less attention towards him. He brings home another mistress obviously to make her jealous and the incessant spree of scandal continues.

The couples point accusing fingers on each other over infidelity and cheating, the love goes sour but would it go that sour for so long? The story decides.

The actors and actresses were marvelous with their roles. Chinwe Egwuagu must have taken considerable time to write and screenplay the movie to meet the required standard of interest to the audience. It’s a must watch.