This movie stars Ramsey Noah, Desmond Elliot, Uche Jumbo, Chisom Oz-Lee, Chet Anekwe, Ebbe Bassey, Esosa Edosomwan

A fine movie which was properly made to fit the mentality of Nigerian viewers,and for those who are much into relationships and love stories. Nollywoods finest star, Ramsey Noah Stars in the movie as Elvin, a handsome and very attractive man who has really broken the hearts of many innocent ladies who deeply loved him.

Elvin shouldn’t be judged for his constant heart breaking spree, for he too has been abandoned and heartbroken by the love of his life Natasha played by Esosa Edosouwan ,right at the alter on their wedding day. This wounded his emotions and his heart so deeply, he decided to love all the ladies and break their hearts in the same manner at which he was heartbroken when they are about to wed his wife to be.

He has broken the hearts of women from every possible country and race one can’t even begin to think about and his goals of breaking ladies hearts became very insatiable. He is 100% on a revenge mission, until he meets a woman Jane, played by Uche Jumbo, who lost her boyfriend in the past and has experienced the pain of love. She gives Elvin a totally different view of true love. What happens next as more drama , thrills and secrets are unleashed as they story takes its toll.

This a movie viewers must watch. The deceit, lies, heart break and betrayals all combined into one story ,to tell a tale of the complexities of life and love as a whole. There is far more to this story than the review details. No spoilers. Too interesting to let the cat out of the bag.

This movie would fill viewers with laughter and gladden the hearts of viewers. Ramsey Nouah and Uche Jumbo were magnificent and they played their roles to such perfection. Call that veteran experience.