Nigerian High Commission London Passport Renewal Process
Nigerian High Commission London Passport Renewal

It’s just over a year ago since I created the post about my experience when renewing my Nigerian passport at the Nigerian High Commission in the West End of London. Since then, numerous people said they found the post very useful, others have contributed to the post, filling in some of the stuff I missed out in the original post.

Given that it’s over a year since I first created the post. I think an update is in order. I received a detail step-by-step experience of a lady called Amina yesterday (7th March 2014). I think it’s extremely well written, informative and more up to date than my original post, I have posted Amina’s experience below. I am sure others who are planning to renew or have their Nigerian passport re-issued in the UK will find the post informative.

Naijas who do not live in London or find several visits to the NHC to complete the passport renewal process may find Amina’s post particularly useful as it discusses alternative ways of collecting your passport without having to make the expensive and time-consuming journey to London.

A big thank you to Amina and everyone who have been sharing their experiences, many readers of this thread said they find you contribution VERY VERY helpful.

Hi, i just want to give a summary of my experience at the Nigeria High Commission yesterday (March 7,2014). This blog helped me through the process and i think it would help others if they know what to expect when they go.
First of all, closest stations to the NHC are Charring Cross and Embankment (both about a 10 mins walk from the NHC, google maps has a fairly accurate direction from the stations)

The building has the Nigerian flag outside so it’s not difficult to miss.

I got to the door and they ask to see your payment confirmed slip first before letting you in. They tell you to switch off your phone (which i find unnecessary, i just put mine on silent) and then you go to the waiting room downstairs where someone hands you a number.
You sit and wait for your number to be called and then you hand the person behind the counter all your documents (form filled online, payment confirmed slip, appointment booking slip, our old passport and the £20 postal order). You’re then asked to sit again to wait for your name to be called to get your biometrics done.
I got there at 10 am and didn’t get called to do my biometrics until about half 12. Once you get called for your biometrics, you really don’t have that long to wait.
The biometrics area is on a separate floor and someone behind a computer confirms all your details (name, where you were born, state of origin and local govt, what you do for a living etc). They take your picture and finger prints and they ask you to confirm the details and sign that the data they have collected is ok.

After this, they confirm the date you have to come for collection.

I do not live in London and i had called before hand to let them know i wouldn’t be able to come back to pick up my passport. So, i was asked to come with a paid self-addressed special delivery envelope (cost me £6.95). After i had my biometrics done, i was directed to a rather angry lady lol sitting behind the door to hand my special delivery envelope to her. You have to sign a disclaimer form which states that if your passport gets lost in the post, NHC will not be held responsible (quite silly yea but i had no choice).
My collection date is supposed to be the 18th of March so I’m guessing it will be posted to me on that day. All in all, i spent about three hours. I will give an update when i receive my passport hopefully in 11 days as they said.

PS: for those who can’t go back to collect, you can either use the special delivery system or send someone to collect on your behalf (you have to write an authorization letter stating you sent someone to collect for you and the person has to go with a form of identification)

I hope this helps someone as this post helped me 🙂

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  1. how much does it cost to renew the passport?(online payment). Heard the federal govt increased passport fees.Thank you.

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