Nigerian Dating Scam
Nigerian Dating Scam

Its simple, the aim of the date scammer is to appeal to your most vulnerable desire, which is to be the love of your dreams, so as to get you so your money, assets or even your personal and financial details.

The victims of scam who usually fall prey are not the regular everyday teenage singles seeking a date. The target is the more mature singles who are believed to be financially independent and making a reasonable amount of income.

One very obvious characteristics of a scammer is their high level of patience and listening ears to all your problems and emotions. They never argue or make you angry in any way. That’s how they gain your interest, so it actually seems that you and the Date Scammer have a lot in common.

Scammers could take several months or even more than that to build a rock solid online relationship and gain your trust completely. You should be very cautious of individuals you meet online and first regard any individual as a potential scammer.

What is vital is how to recognize these potential scammers. How do you recognize these date scammers?

• Scammers always claim to be working overseas and not in their original country of birth. This usually makes the potential victim of scam feel that the scammer is financially stable and have the capacity to travel to visit them.

•A scammer could ask you for money for any reason and at anytime. Any money or financial related chat is a red flag, you are strongly suggested to blow the whistle.

• They always talk about visiting you and even make actual plans to visit but most of these visits end up in an interruption or excuse.

•Their profile photos look obviously photo shopped and edited. Most scammers usually use dashing and attractive profile pictures .

•Scammers instantly tell you they love you the first time you meet online usually during an introductory chat.

•Male scammers mostly claim to be widower with at least a child to attract more sympathy and make their cover up look more realistic.

Internet scams seem to be losing the battle as more awareness campaigns and orientations on how scammers deceive internet users have been exposed. So they have turned to dating websites as a new age evolution of scam

There are several cases at which individuals have lost their lives due to these internet scam at which they have been tricked into paying their hard-earned money online. The victims of scam can not bear the shame of being tricked or the fact that most of their earnings have been lost and therefore resort to suicide.

Scammers now see widowers and widows as the most vulnerable and easy of targets due to their lonely life and emotional hunger. Health and cooperate workers like Nurses and Bankers respectively who have very busy schedules, are also likely to fall victims because they refer to online dates as an easy form to boost their social life.

New Dating scam techniques continue to evolve despite efforts to eradicate it. Although anyone could be a potential scammer, Africans and especially Nigerians have been blacklisted as one of the top date scam countries.

Despite that, you should be more vigilant when you come in contact with a potential date online. Anyone could be a scam so be very observant.

Be very vigilant security wise. Know when to back away from such dates despite their words of attraction. You could end up with regrets when you actually knew all you had to do was ignore this fraudster.

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