Naija V India Match

Naija V India Match
Naija V India Match

The story all started with the question, why does India not play football? And there have been so many stories passed down from generation to generation and they all seem consistent, but can’t seem to find someone who was there when it happened. But there are two popular versions I have heard, the seem to be going around, I am going to share them with you:

Version 1
The scores was 99-1 It was Odegbami who scored for Nigeria. The ball turned into a stone and he kicked it notwithstanding. The balls were turning into lions and our keeper best Ogedengbe avoided the ball. That was the reason India was banned from football

Version 2
In another version of the same match, eleven Indian players were playing on the ground and when they get tired, they will kick the ball up because there were another eleven Indian players hanging on the air, these ones will take over and be running with the ball, floating on the air till they reach the post. Then they will bring the ball down for the Indian players on the ground to slot into the Nigerian net. I also heard Indians don’t wear shoes that was why they were not allowed to play football because FIFA would not allow them to play barefooted. The funny thing is this story still lingers till today.

What’s your own version of the story? Please share it with us on habanaija!

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11 thought on “Nigeria 1 – 99 India. What is your own story?”
  1. Bubemi,
    this kind story is what we call Fabu in Lagos, a pure fabrication of the imagination. This above story show Nigerians fascination for believe that Indians posses talisman and juju that makes them superior at football.
    The truth is that Indians(and most of Asia for that matter) don’t love football as much as Africans, South American and European seem to be passionate about it. But Indians are very good at Cricket, a game we are no good at in Naija.

    I have a feeling if Nigeria play India in football, the goals will probably be Nigeria 99-1 India 🙂

  2. Hahahaha but ask an old man in Lagos and he’s gonna tell u the same thing… thumbs up to the person who created this story.

  3. Hahahahaha……1n beautiful thing i luv wit we nigerians iz dat we re very sharp&creative. If i shld also sit nd creat mine it wil also sprayd…. My version
    D indians have invisibl knif in dia hands so wen dey go neara 2 d goalpost evry player tends 2run nd dia it goes in 2 d net

  4. The only difference wit d version I heard is dat Emmanuel Okala was d goalkeeper at dat time. if odegbami is alive pls ask him 4 us

  5. You guys seem to be taking Fabu seriously LOL, there is no truth whatsoever in the story, In Lagos, we tend to fabricate things and call it “Fabu” I am pleased to see that some of the Fabu seem to have gain legs and you younger one are almost believing it.

    I think Fabu is also called Oje 🙂

  6. 9cc 1 Roy. D 1st version’s actually wat our parents told us.& i believe o:-O Tink you reach out2 segun odegbami..

  7. Ufoma,
    our parents also told us that Father Christmas exists and brings us present when we are asleep on Christmas eve 🙂

  8. When I was young, I heard the Version 1 of this story, as it was written here. So I believe that, India was banned in football because they are using talisman (magic) to play football and they used to beat all they opponent, so they are banned by FIFA.

    But come to think of it, it is a great fabu, of those days and it rain for many century. I dont think Nigeria and India have never meet in any FIFA organised football competition till today.

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